• My name is Anakin and I’m a big love bug!

  • I’m very intelligent and love to play!

  • I’m also a twin! My brother and I are both learning the basics from the Club Pet Academy Dog Trainers.

  • P.S. I think I’m hot stuff!


Anakin Dog Training

Dog Training Log

Dog Training Session 1

  • Today was Anakin’s first session, and he did great!

  • We did Anakin’s first session was separate from Logan.

  • We worked on the same things that Logan did, waiting at doorways, eye contact and loose leash walking.

  • Anakin was awesome at loose leash walking! He pulled at first because he wanted to explore the new environment. When he would pull ahead, I would turn and walk the other direction to get him to follow behind me or at my side again.

  • Like Logan, Anakin tried to sneak through the door the first few tries but he quickly learned to sit and make eye contact before I’d let him through.

  • During Logan and Anakin’s second session today, we focused on wait or stay to keep as a command for the pups to wait until freed when going through the door.

  • They have a very short threshold for their wait, meaning they can only wait for about 2 seconds at a time before their attention is lost or they move.

    • This will grow the more they are worked with.

Dog Training Session 2

  • Anakin did fabulous today. We focused on his eye contact, door waits, jumping, and touched on come.

  • Eye contact is essential in forming your bond between you and your pups. This allows you to form a way of communication. If you cannot get their eye contact, they are likely not listening to you.

  • Really focus on getting Anakin’s eye contact by placing the treat at your forehead and associating the word look with it as he is making eye contact with your face.

  • His door waits are already looking better, keep practicing and stay consistent (they must wait at every door! Even when they are coming into Club Pet!)

  • Anakin is already good at come but does not have the association between the action and the word down yet. Is this something you are interested in me working on with him to perfect the association?

  • We worked on door waits and eye contact with both brothers. They did very well and were able to wait for about a minute at each door.

  • Once they have gotten better at home at waiting alone, you can try them together.

    • Mind you body blocking is much more intensive with 2 dogs than 1

Dog Training Session 3

  • Today was my first time working with Anakin and Logan, they are a blast! I’m so excited to see them learn and grow.

  • We continued to focus on door dashing, he tried to push through each doorway at least once, but with a refresher on look he picked it up right away. For our second session today, we will practice this at almost every doorway in the building to keep it consistent.

    • Keep practicing body blocking/gate waits at home. He should not be allowed to go through any door threshold without giving you eye contact and you releasing him first

    • Keep practicing look at home

      • Remember, this only needs to be a 3-5 minute daily exercise.

  • We loose leash walked quite a bit as well. He did fantastic! He is picking up quickly on keeping his eyes on the person. He only pulled a few times when he was curious about a nearby dog or person.

Dog Training Session 4

  • Anakin aced today’s training! He’s so smart!

  • We continued to work on door dashing, he did not push through any of the doorways without looking at me first!

    • When we approach a doorway, I open the door, walk through the door with him behind me, then once he gives eye contact, I verbally praise then allow him to walk through, rewarding with a treat.

    • Keep practicing body blocking/gate waits at home. He should not be allowed to go through any door threshold without giving you eye contact and you releasing him first

  • Anakin almost has look down pat! Keep practicing at home.

  • We loose leashed walked. He stayed right by my side with eyes on me almost the whole time! He only pulled a few times if he was curious about something nearby.

    • Everytime he would look at me when walking, I would verbally reinforce him by saying “Good boy!” Be sure to overly celebrate when he does this. I would give treats occasionally.