• My name is Anakin and I’m a big love bug!

  • I’m very intelligent and love to play!

  • I’m also a twin! My brother and I are both learning the basics from the Club Pet Academy Dog Trainers.

  • P.S. I think I’m hot stuff!


Anakin Dog Training

Dog Training Log

Dog Training Session 1

  • Today was Anakin’s first session, and he did great!

  • We did Anakin’s first session was separate from Logan.

  • We worked on the same things that Logan did, waiting at doorways, eye contact and loose leash walking.

  • Anakin was awesome at loose leash walking! He pulled at first because he wanted to explore the new environment. When he would pull ahead, I would turn and walk the other direction to get him to follow behind me or at my side again.

  • Like Logan, Anakin tried to sneak through the door the first few tries but he quickly learned to sit and make eye contact before I’d let him through.

  • During Logan and Anakin’s second session today, we focused on wait or stay to keep as a command for the pups to wait until freed when going through the door.

  • They have a very short threshold for their wait, meaning they can only wait for about 2 seconds at a time before their attention is lost or they move.

    • This will grow the more they are worked with.

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