• I’ve been coming to play at Club Pet Resorts since I was just a puppy! I’ve made a ton a four and two legged friends in the last 4 years!

  • I get really excited and worked up on leash when I see new people or dogs. Sometimes I forget how big I am and this can be a challenge for my people. But, that’s why I’m enrolled in the
    Club Pet Academy’s dog training program.

  • I love chasing toys in playgroup enrichment and swimming!

  • They also say I have the BEST wiggle butt!!


Tyson Dog Training

Tyson’s Photos and Videos

Dog Training Log

Dog Training Session 1

  • Today is Tyson’s first day of Play and Train with Sabrina.

  • We worked on Tyson looking (giving eye contact).

    • He’s already starting to understand, he really likes this game!

    • He seemed to be more receptive when I was sitting on the ground with him opposed to sitting on a chair/couch or standing over him. This can be temporary.

  • Try to get his eye contact before allowing him through thresholds (doorways) as well -If you think you’re up for it!

Dog Training Session 2

  • Amanda, one of the assistant trainers, worked with Tyson today for the first time and he did great!

  • Tyson was a little distracted today but that’s expected when he’s still new to training.

  • We mainly focused on eye contact again because it’s going to be crucial in order to improve his reactivity.

  • We worked in a low distraction hallway. I would let him get distracted, make kissy noises to get his attention, then put a treat to my forehead, and reward when he made eye contact with me.

    • I struggled to get his attention even with kissy noises a couple times. In that case, wait him out, eventually he will make eye contact, and when he does, reward with a treat. Sometimes it helps to put the treat in front of his nose then draw it up to your eyes, reward if his eyes follow the treat.

  • Please keep practicing “look” at home.

Dog Training Session 3

  • For the first session we continued to work on “look” as he doesn’t seem to understand the word just yet.

    • Keep practicing this at home.

      • Once he starts understanding, begin standing and asking him to look so he can get comfortable looking up.

  • We worked on loose leash walking, Ty stayed at my side 90% of the time in a low distraction area! For our second session we will work in a higher distraction area.

    • I would like Tyson to look up at me when we walk, teaching him “look” will help him get there.

    • When Tyson walks calmly and at your side give him lots of praise or a treat to reward the wanted behavior.

  • We continued working on “look” during his second session and he did much better this time.

  • We also worked on door dashing

    • I will show you how to do this at check out so you can practice coming in for daycare or even at home.

  • We loose leash walked in a higher distraction area (in the front of the building). He was very distracted by the sounds and the smells in the wind, but once I got him focused on me, he continued to loose leash walk about 80% of the time with little pulling.

Dog Training Session 4

  • Hi, my name is Vanessa. Tyson and I worked together for the first time today. He was fantastic.

  • We continued to focus on his eye contact and loose leash walking.

  • His loose leash is looking amazing. He walked on it about 80% of the time with decent eye contact (about 30%).

  • When we worked on his eye contact, we started at the basic step. As he got the hang of it, I was able to draw the non treat hand to eye level and he would continue to look.

  • We also practiced eye contact near a dog barking through a window.

    • Tyson, did have a full moment of reactivity, but after some coaxing, I was able to redirect him and gather his attention.

      • He calmed back down after about a minute, which is actually quite quick.

  • Tyson made a huge breakthrough!

  • While we were working on his eye contact, a dog was brought into the same hallway.

    • I was sitting with him, the leash totally relaxed. The dog walked toward him on leash, as well, reaching about 20 ft away before turning down another hallway. He looked at the dog, I made myself more interesting by raising the pitch of my voice, calling his name, and telling him to look at me.


        • When this happened we got so excited! You could tell he was so proud of himself!

Dog Training Session 5

  • Tyson had another breakthrough today! He did amazing.

  • We started off by reviewing his leash manners and eye contact in a low distraction hallway. His leash was loose 100% of the time.

    • I do however want you to start challenging Tyson when walking him. Turn towards him instead of away. This will get his eyes up to your face. The second he looks big reward/praise.

      • You can also side step towards him, praise when he looks up.

  • His eye contact on command is getting really good too. I still have to draw a hand up to my face to get eye contact, but he is looking up and getting it very quickly.

    • Keep working on his eye contact command at home. Keep progressing through the instructions as well.

  • In the low distraction hallway, he was able to break eye contact with a person walking down the hall. This was a good start, kind of warming him up for something more intense.

  • Next, we moved on to the lobby. He stayed in a loose leash but had almost no eyes on me. I could tell he was looking for another dog and his hackles rose.

    • As we worked on his leash manners and eye contact up here, he became more relaxed and started to focus.

    • We worked on turning towards him to get his eyes up.

  • He then saw a cat, he went directly into reactive mode, but I was able to quickly redirect him. He didn’t even do a full bark or lunge!

  • Next, I had a coworker come in the front door rattling keys, mimicking the sound of a dog coming in. This had the desired effect. He went straight into reactive mode. I quickly redirected him again with a huge praise when he broke eye contact.

    • This was super effective because he builds a lot of anticipation when seeing a dog or preparing to see a dog. He received the same sequence of events but never saw a dog.

  • Make sure that every time he breaks eye contact with something you get so excited that he knows he did something amazing.

  • We will continue to practice like this next time.

  • Keep practicing he is really making leaps and bounds! Your work shows!

Dog Training Session 6

  • Today we worked on Ty’s leash manners outside in low distraction areas

    • We are still working on his eye contact when walking on leash.

  • We also worked on door dashing.

    • Tyson did wonderful for this.

Dog Training Session 7

  • It’s been awhile since Tyson’s last training session, yet he did a great job today!

  • There were a lot of distractions to work around today as well!

  • We continued on his Look. Tyson did very well with this, keep up the good work practicing at home!

Dog Training Session 8

  • Tyson did so well today!

  • We worked in the lobby. He was ready right when we walked through the door to react to anything. I had him sit in the doorway and make eye contact with me for 5 seconds.

    • When I released him, I continued to praise him while we were walking. He was still so fascinated with me, he forgot to raise his hackles and react.

    • There were no people in the lobby, so he stayed calm.

  • We worked on his leash manners and eye contact until a customer came in.

    • Both are looking fantastic. Without distractions, he is at 100% for both.

  • We walked around a female customer at reception, pulling his eyes off of her and onto me with the look command.

  • She then brought her cat back. He wanted to react so badly, but we continued to redirect by placing chicken in front of his nose and drawing his eyes towards me. Every time he would look at the chicken or turn his head slightly away from the cat I would say “yes” over excitedly. This motivated him more and more to look away.

  • Another customer came in, male this time, Tyson once again really wanted to react. We worked on the look, drawing his eyes away. He started heavily staring at the man, so we walked away. I had to gently pull Ty away, we then practiced his look.

  • We were able to walk comfortably within 10 feet of the man after practicing the look at varying distances.

  • He did not bark at a single person or animal today!

Dog Training Session 9

  • Tyson did very well today!

  • He was really struggling with look when we started today, but as we reviewed, he picked back up on it.

    • Please continue to work on the look command, we really want Tyson to the point where he will make eye contact on command, so we can break his focus on other dogs and people.

  • We worked in the lobby again, working on that desensitization.

    • Tyson is very conditioned to start reacting when he hears the sound of the door opening and closing. We worked on him making eye contact and only focusing on me when the door was making a sound.

    • He did great with this!

  • He was able to be redirected when a man came in and walked up to reception, while we were over by the treats.

    • He struggled to stay calm after a couple looks, so we moved slightly into reception for him to calm down.

    • When he had relaxed, we walked back out right by that man with no reactivity, loose leash walking, and good eye contact.

  • Then 2 people and a loud beagle came in. Tyson spotted them through the window before they came in and began to anticipate his reaction.

    • He barked and reared up for about 30 seconds, then was able to sit and be redirected for the duration of the dog being present.

      • We hung out in the waiting space of the lobby so he could not see the other dog very well.

    • After the dog was taken back, we gradually made our way out performing the eye contact command while the 2 owners were still present.

      • He had no reactivity to them while we were performing the look command (both walking and stationary)