Wendi C

"You all rock, but this moment right here warmed my heart. I hear Lily had a rough time at night... Jeremy was so kind to go in last night and wrap her up (tuck her in).  It melted my heart.  I just wanted to say thanks.  With this being the first boarding experience ever for both of us, we were very on edge of what to expect but this caught moment right here gave me such a warm heart.  You guys really go the extra mile and it matters." 

Toni O.


Would give it 110* On 1-10 scale!!! We are from Illinois and our Winston Beethoven which is a 1 year and 1 month old male basset hound has been coming to club pet for about a month while we are here on vacation and he LOVES club pet and we do too!!!! You guys are amazing with him and always go out of your way to make it the best experience for Winston and us as possible. We have. Boarded him with you and also he has been too daycare a lot this past month. We love for him to have play time with all his doggie friends and not be cooped up in the house. He should enjoy his vacation too!! He has also been bathed twice which was the first for us to have someone besides us give him a bath and trim his nails. You guys were great with him and boy are we so happy our daughter recommended you guys to us. Winston has been to several daycares while we vacation with him and we are very pleased with our experience. He always goes with us so finding a daycare and boarding facilities that we can trust is always a worry. Not with you guys!!! All your staff is so accommodating, so kind and always are going out of their way to make Winston’s stay the best possible and for us to have not a worry in the world. Thank you very much for being such a great place to bring Winston to and for making our vacation as stress free as possible. We travel everywhere with Winston and you guys are amazing!!! Thank you !! you have a terrific, caring staff and you should be proud of them all!!!! he is always excited when we pull into the parking lot and goes in!! It’s so cute how happy he is. It warms my heart. Winston can’t wait to see you guys tomorrow !!!