• I am the most handsome man! I love to give kisses and get belly rubs.

  • I also really like showing my toy off to people!

  • I’m a little nervous around loud noises and new people, but I’m getting better every day!

  • Club Pet Academy Dog Trainer’s are helping me with my confidence issues and leash manners.

  • After their help, I am a professional at “place”!



Dog Training Log

Dog Training Session 1

  • Reese was amazing today. He is very intelligent and picked up on what I wanted very quickly.

  • I did notice that Reese has some confidence issues. He seemed very insecure in busy environments.

    • Dogs who are nervous tend to do one of two things, they obey everything or they run away and ignore everything.

    • Luckily Reese does the first option.

      • That being said as he grows more comfortable with people moving around and new environments, he might revert back to pulling.

  • We are going to continue working on his leash manners next time. As well as try to make him comfortable in busy environments.

    • He really picked up on the loose leash. We are going to focus on getting his eyes up and focusing on whoever’s walking him.

  • When practicing at home, try playing fetch or some physically stimulating activity before going for a walk. We want to set him up for success.

    • For the first walk, practicing in the front yard is usually a good start. As he gets the hang of the loose leash, you can begin walking distances.

Dog Training Session 2

  • We continued working on leash manners today.

  • Reese is really getting the hang of it quickly.

  • We practiced in the Lobby today, as well as, outside.

    • Outside, he had a loose leash and eye contact about 70% of the time, which is awesome!

    • Inside, we ran into his confidence issues again. He became insecure and nervous with other dogs in the room. I was able to get a loose leash and eye contact maybe 5% with dogs present.

    • When there were no dogs present in the lobby, he had a loose leash 70% of the time and eye contact 50%. That is also awesome!

  • Keep practicing at home to really perfect his loose leash and eye contact.

  • While he’s here we also work on eye contact before going through doorways. This lets him know that I am the boss and I say when you can enter.

Dog Training Session 3

  • We worked in the lobby again today.

  • He had 90% loose leash and 80% eye contact.

  • We weaved in and out of our merchandise rack very fluidly since his eyes were on me.

  • I wanted to up the “scare factor” a bit (to work on his confidence issues) and moved our bar chairs out to use as an obstacle course.

    • Reese was scared of these, so we worked on desensitizing him to them by walking close by, then through, and eventually weaving in and out.

    • We ran into a little slip up and the leash knocked over one of the chairs, causing Reese to be so frightened he expressed his anal glands.

      • This is a normal response to fear and he is totally fine, just a little stinky.

  • After the chair fell over, we went back to the beginning step reintroducing him to the chairs and helping him get over his fear. He was able to weave in and out of the chairs cautiously by the end.

  • This scenario is very applicable outside of Club Pet. You can do something similar when passing the loud dogs or anything that scares Reese.

  • The key is to stay calm when he’s scared. Let him collect himself by standing still for a couple minutes, then keep walking. Slowly reintroducing him to the stimulus.

Dog Training Session 4

  • He had a really hard time today with all the hustle and bustle from Christmas and New Years.

  • We started in the back and he did really well with that. A little nervous, but fairly focused.

    • He had a loose leash 95% of the time and eye contact about 40%. When he gets nervous, his eye contact drops significantly.

  • We then worked our way up to the side of the lobby. He was stressed in this space but still taking treats and focused about 20% of the time. There were several people and dogs in the lobby.

  • After the amount of people in the lobby diminished, we moved out into the open area. He did well at first, then completely shut down. No treats, no eye contact. He did however sit and lay down. We worked a little more in this space until he relaxed a little.

  • For our second session, we walked through the boarding facility with dogs barking. He did really well in the hallway with less dogs. He had a loose leash about 90% of the time towards the end of the session. Eye contact was at about 30%.

  • Keep practicing at home! You guys are doing a great job!

Dog Training Session 5

  • Reese was great today. We worked in high distraction spaces: the employee parking lot, the lobby, and the island out front.

  • He had a loose leash 75% of the time and eyes on me 30% of the time in the parking lot.

  • He had a loose leash 75% of the time and eyes on me 10% out front.

  • And a loose leash 100% in the lobby and eyes on me 50%.

  • Overall he’s moving forward leaps and bounds!

  • He is really getting the hang of it. In every space, he had his ears on me the entire time!

  • When you practice try turning towards Reese more often. This is really going to work on his eye contact.

  • Keep practicing, it’s really showing!

Dog Training Session 6

  • Reese had an awesome session today!

  • We worked in a low distraction hallway to start so Reese could get into the groove. This happened very quickly!

  • He waited at almost all the doorways. Sometimes tries to sneak past but by the end of his second session, I had him waiting with a few feet of distance between us before letting him through the doorway. Impressive!

  • Then we practiced loose leash walking in the employee parking lot, a high distraction area. Even with the distractions, Reese stayed focused on me about 50% of the time which is an improvement!

  • His walking is practically perfect when I turn towards him! When I turned away from him, a few times he kept going straight, not following me. This just means he lost focus on me. To help him, I held treats at my side and lured him with a treat as I turned away from him. He picked up on this fast and started looking at me when I’d turn which is exactly what we want!

  • I also kept reminding him to “look” as we were walking. Sometimes I needed to put the treat in front of his nose and then draw it up to my eyes so his eyes would follow. This will help keep his attention on you throughout the walk.

  • Please keep practicing leash manners at home. It’s looking great so we may start “place” next time. Please bring a blanket, bed or whatever you would like Reese to “place” on.

Dog Training Session 7

  • Reese was great today!

  • We continued working on his leash manners, which are looking great!

  • We worked in the lobby today on an eye contact command. I think this will help with Reese’s confidence issues, especially when he gets so nervous he shuts down.

  • We also worked on “place”, for now, please put Reese on a leash. Walk up to the bed and have Reese sit on it. When he has all 4 feet on it, say “place”. We are just associating the word with the bed for right now.

  • When you are ready for Reese to get off the bed, say “okay” or whatever command you would like to use to release Reese from the bed.

    • Mind you, only stay on “place” for a couple seconds at a time. Work your way to longer and longer amounts of time.

Dog Training Session 8

  • Reese is a pro at “place”. By the end of our two sessions, I was able to walk all the way down to the other end of the hall and come back with Reese still in “place”

    • He does have issues staying in “place” if food is dropped off of his bed.

      • This will be our focus for next time.

      • I will be teaching “whoops” with this.

Dog Training Session 9

  • Reese is amazing at “place”. I think he has it completely down.

  • The next step at home is sending Reese to “place”. Start by the bed, point to it and say “place”, progressively get further and further (one foot at a time) away when he goes to “place” correctly.

    • If he does not go to “place” when stated, go back to the last location he was able to go to “place” from. If he still cannot move closer to his bed again.

    • If he is still struggling take a break, he may be worn out.

  • We also worked on Reese’s leash manners.

    • These are looking fantastic!

    • We worked on his walking near a very loud barking German Shepherd. He was very nervous but was able to focus on me and stay in a relatively loose leash.

    • We also walked around outside through our rotation pins with dogs barking on either side. He did very well out here, nervous, but once again able to focus and walk politely.

    • He’s doing so well with everything, tomorrow we will walk out in the field and work on his prey drive if any squirrels are out.

    • Do you have any other requests for Reese’s training?

Dog Training Session 10

  • Today we worked outside. Unfortunately it was too cold for any prey like animals to be out. So Reese and I worked on his loose leash outside and eye contact.

  • He struggled with the loose leash when we walked on the trails outside, but it was a little too icy to focus. We moved over to the asphalt to practice and he did much better.

    • He had a loose leash about 90% and eyes on me about 20%.

  • We really worked on his eye contact with the command “look”. This will be a very useful command when Reese is extremely focused on prey.