Play And TraiN

Please note, our prices change on June 1st, 2019

Jersey dog training

The Club Pet Academy offers the perfect option for the busy pet parent, the Play and Train. Why not get your dog trained while your at work? Our Play and Train Program provides training for your dog while they are here for Half Day Doggy Daycare or Full Day Doggy Daycare. Our experienced dog training team can focus on various training skills you would like your dog to learn. We can help you with anything from Basic Obedience and Leash Manners to behavioral concerns.

We also love working with the know-it-all dog that just needs more mental stimulation. Trick training is perfect for these kids.

A FREE consultation is required so we can create a customized training plan for you and your dog.

Ava's Dog Training

Play + Train ½ Day     $25

  • Daycare 5 hours or less    $22

  • One session

  • One-on-one trainer attention with dog

Play + Train    $30

  • Daycare 6 hours or more    $32

  • Two sessions

  • One-on-one trainer attention with dog

*Please schedule at least 3 days in advance* Please be advised, any appointments made within 3 days will be charged a $10 late fee.