I may look tough, but on the inside I’m a big love bug. I love playing fetch and keep away!

Other than my mom, my favorite people are my dog trainers. The dog training team is working with me on my social skills with other dogs, and my fetching skills (the giving it back part is hard). As well as, my “sits”, my “downs”, my “comes”, my “stays” and “eye contact”.

I’ve been working on these commands for a long time, with my favorite dog trainers, and have come a long way. I didn’t really like people, at all, when I started. I was also super confused by other dogs; now everybody can be my friend.

I am about to go to daycare all the time, and hang out with my new four legged friends!



Pluto’s Dog Training Pictures at Club Pet Academy

Dog Training Log

September 2018

  • Pluto has shown some aggression towards Club Pet handlers. He likes to push handlers out of his way to get through doors and run around, making him difficult to control and catch when free. He tended to mount several handlers and not release. He is lacking the overall mental stimulation and direction that training will give him.

October 2018

  • Pluto is very intelligent. He tends to pick up on commands very quickly, when treats are present.

  • He now consistently knows his name and gives great eye contact! He still requires treats to inspire the good work ethic.

  • He is getting better at waiting at doorways, for trainers to allow him through on command. He is still bowling over the Club Pet handlers. He has lessened his aggression towards handlers, however.

  • We are using fetch to teach Pluto to “come” consistently.

November 2018

  • Pluto consistently brings the ball back during fetch now. He is having a hard time releasing the ball.

  • Pluto now knows “sit” like a professional. He no longer needs treats!

  • We have started working on his “down”, but he tends to struggle with the movement.

December 2018

  • Pluto has successfully learned “down” and “okay” to stand up. He can even do push-ups.

  • He can also “come” from great distances!

  • He is no longer nibbling on handlers and does not bowl anyone over. He waits for his release command to go through any doorway.

  • Pluto has now been neutered with the hopes of getting him socialized with dogs in daycare.

  • He has been gradually introduced with the training manager’s dog and is showing a lot of curiosity. He has never met another dog and been able to socialize with it.

January 2019

  • Pluto is now going into daycare with trainers present. He is showing no signs of aggression, only curiosity.

  • He is still learning how to play and where to sniff, but responds really well when his name is called by trainers.

  • Pluto’s next step is coming to the Club Pet handlers consistently! He will go into daycare for the remainder of his stay when he accomplishes this.

February 2019

  • Pluto is now confident and comfortable in daycare! He has made lots of friends!

  • He is very comfortable with little dogs. He is learning how to be just as comfortable with the big ones.

  • He knows how to go to his bed in his room with the command “place”.

March 2019

  • Pluto has just about mastered Stay in low and medium distraction areas.

  • He is also learning Drop, so we can play fetch!

  • He is also learning Leave It. He is catching on very quickly and loves practicing this!

  • Pluto is also learning how to calm down, focus, and perform commands when he becomes overstimulated in daycare.

April 2019

  • Pluto has mastered all of his basic obedience in low and medium distraction areas.

  • He is learning how to recall to a clicker sound to help him focus in high intensity environments.

  • He is now a pro at leave it.

  • He is continuing to learn drop. He loves to release the toy, but has a hard time leaving it after.

May 2019

  • Pluto is now a pro in low, medium and high distraction environments, but still struggles in the crazy daycare environment.

  • His recall to a clicker is fantastic in low and medium distraction environments.

  • Pluto has learned the command place and is doing a great job going to his bed on command.

June 2019

  • Pooh is now a master at off leash manners and can walk off leash in almost any environment.

    • On command, Pluto can stop moving from 5 feet away.

  • He is being gradually reintroduced back into play groups now that his recall is stronger in high distraction environments.

July 2019

  • Pluto is now learning a few tricks!

    • He started learning shake and mastered it in a day!

  • Pluto is the master of touch. Which requires him to touch his nose against a human’s hand when asked.

  • He is gradually listening to more handlers in daycare and really enjoys hanging out with his four-legged friends.