Penthouse Dog boarding Suite


Are you or your dog nervous about your dog's upcoming boarding stay? Or do you have a dog that requires extra spoiling? If the answer is "yes", the Penthouse Suite might be the best boarding option for your furry child.  These suites specialize in providing dogs with a quiet, luxurious environment, extra exercise, and all the comforts of home.  Each suite comes outfitted with a cozy bed, flat-screen TV (tuned to Animal Planet, of course), comfy floor rug, and a Kong Toy.  All of our Penthouse Suites also have web cameras in them, so you can see how your pet's vacation is going first-hand. 

Penthouse Dog Suite.jpeg


With the Penthouse Suite Package, your dog will be spending most of it's waking hours being involved in fun activities like a Full Day of Dog Daycare (can be substituted), an Outdoor Field Walk, and a Moonlight Outing.  At the end of the day, your dog will be tired and will fall asleep easily from all the interaction they have had throughout the day.

Dog Daycare Play


If your pet doesn't have any food sensitivities, they will also have a chance to splurge on treats at the Mini-bar during Treat Time.  To top it all off, you dog will be refreshed at our Pet "Spaw" Grooming Salon as a part of the Penthouse Boarding Package before you pick them up from their vacation. 

Dog Bath


Our Pet Parents can also enjoy complimentary airport shuttle rides to and from Denver International Airport, available 24 hours a day by appointment. 

$95 per day ($70 per Day for Additional Dogs in the same suite)