Quality dog boarding vacations at an affordable price

dog Kennel Run - $30 per day

Dog Boarding Kennel

Dogs will enjoy a chance to relax in one of our spacious, traditional-style kennel runs. Each dog boarding experience includes multiple trips to the outdoor exercise areas, room service (treats and food), housekeeping and, of course, personalized attention and love from our team members.

  • Measurements: 4 feet wide by 20 feet long

  • Dog Cot and Cozy Blanket

  • Outdoor access available by request

  • Ideal For: Less Active, Easy-Going Dogs

    ** Digging dogs and escape artists not allowed in the kennel runs with outdoor access**

ELITE Program - $60 per day/$45 per day for additional dogs

Have a dog with extra energy? Boost their dog boarding vacation by upgrading them to our Elite Program. Designed for dogs that need more than just the basics, this program includes extra exercises like dog daycare and a country field walk in our beautiful, spacious 25 acre field. The dogs in this program have so much to do, a bath from our experienced groomers is included in each Elite Program Stay.

  • Pricing includes Kennel Run Stay

  • Extra Daily Outdoor Exercises

  • Country Field Walk

  • Additional Evening Outing

  • Professional Bath


Have a dog that prefers to be alone?

While we are able to accommodate dogs individually, dogs that are over-zealous in our outdoor exercise yards can pose an extra safety risk to themselves and others. An additional fee maybe required to board these dogs.


  • Extra Evening Exercise $6

  • Peanut Butter Kong Treat $2

  • Country Field Walk $10

  • Dog Daycare (1 Hour) on Web Camera $6

  • Cuddle Time $8

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