New Paws Playtime

The Club Pet Academy is now offering a socialization class for puppies aged 4 months (or after Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella shots have been administered) to 6 months.

Jack's Dog Training

Socialization is so important for puppies as they are in an extremely malleable state during their first year. Our New Paws Playtime will teach your puppy how to communicate with other dogs and people. Socialization during these puppy months will help them become acquainted with other dogs and people to avoid the development of fear or aggression towards other dogs and people.

While they are interacting with the other puppies, they will learn several basic skills and manners. Dog’s have an innate form of communication through body language and verbalization. When puppies play, they tell each other when their playmate is biting too hard. This communication can translate to your dog’s bite inhibition (the level of bite force applied to an object or hand).


The Club Pet Academy New Paws Playtime is the perfect opportunity to ask trainers questions about your puppies habits, while they learn from others as well as wear themselves out. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to learn and practice recall (come) with your puppy in a distracting state along side one of our professional dog trainers.

Classes take place every Wednesday starting June 26th. Sign up is required at least 3 days in advance. Classes will be capped, so please plan ahead. The Club Pet Academy Trainers will inform you on the Tuesday prior by email if your pup can join class.

Classes are $30 per session. Each session in 30 minutes. The class is included for puppies enrolled in the Puppy Training Class.