• Hello there! I’m Jax and I have a big personality.

  • I love jumping, food, playing, and basically everything that fits under the category dog.

  • I’m already pretty good at a lot of my basic obedience commands, I just need some refreshers.

  • I’m also a big snuggle bug, so I’m the best of both worlds!



Dog Training Log

Session 1

  • ·Today was Jax’s first training session. He is so smart!

  • We started working on leash manners

    • He pulled quite a bit in the beginning of our session

  • We also practiced putting the Gentle Leader on

    • By the end of our session, he was comfortable wearing and even wore it for 2 minutes straight without pawing at it! YAY!

    • By the end of our session Jax was walking at my side, eyes on me with little to no treats present and no Gentle Leader for about 8 steps. For our next session I will try to recreate this behavior in a higher distraction area. If he does just as well we may not need to use the Gentle Leader

Session 2

  • Jax did really well today. We worked on his leash manners, eye contact, sit, and down.

  • Jax consistently got his “sits” and “downs” with treats present. We will work on weaning him off of them next time and still performing the command the first time it is said.

  • His eye contact is looking fantastic. He looked at me consistently every time I made a kissy sound and held the treat at forehead.

  • Jax’s leash manners got better the more we focused on them. We worked without the gentle leader and he did really well.

  • We worked with Jax’s toy elephant as his reward. He really enjoyed this and it is a good alternative to treats. It is also a great way to wean him off treats.

Session 3

  • Jax did really well again today.

  • We focused on his jumping, eye contact, and leash manners today.

  • We worked on his eye contact and leash manners in a very high distraction space (the lobby and front office).

  • We practiced “look” over and over in this distracting space. He has it down when the treat is at eye level.

  • We also practiced the leash manners in the busy environment. It really clicked! He was walking like a pro by the end of the session.

    • We really focused on walking at a fast pace then suddenly stopping.