• Hi my name’s Merle.

  • I’m a very anxious and scared boy.

  • I’m really focused on getting socialized with people and dogs.

  • The trainers have been so nice. They give me the best bootie scratches and treats.

  • They’ve also been really good at going at my pace and working on my confidence.


Merle Dog Training

Merle’s Photos and Videos

Dog Training Log

Dog Training Session 1

  • Merle was very nervous today.

  • We focused on just getting Merle to take treats in his room. He did not take any but did accept bootie scratches!

Dog Training Session 2

  • Merle did really well today.

  • He was able to take treats and started showing signs of relaxation in his room.

  • We also worked on a new experience, the potty pins.

    • We worked on creating a positive experience in the potty space.

Dog Training Session 4

  • Today we worked on Merle’s first introduction to another dog, the Training Manager’s dog Koda.

  • He did so well. He stayed in a relaxed state.

  • They both ignored each other on entry.

  • After about 5 minutes, Merle went over to smell her butt.

  • He also allowed Koda to smell his without snapping or reacting. He did trot away, but not out of fear.

Dog Training Session 7

  • Merle was great today. I noticed that Merle chewed his bone in his room so he is more comfortable than last time. He didn’t want treats but was not shaking or extreme panting (signs of stress).

  • I started off in the cut off space in day care and introduced a couple small/medium sized dogs one at a time. He responded well to other dogs sniffing his butt and he also sniffed other dogs as well. He even had a dog sniff his shoulder for a prolonged period of time and did not react!

  • After I felt he was comfortable, we moved into a full group of small/medium dogs. He did great, walking relaxed around the space.

  • He seems ready for a half day of daycare!

Dog Training Session 10

  • Merle was a little nervous today.

  • We went into the little dog group today. He sniffed some butts and was doing very well.

  • A couple scuffles broke out in the yard next to us and he began to shake.

  • We walked it off; he responded really well to this.

  • After another 5 minutes he still seemed to be at his threshold for anxiety, so we went back to his room.

    • It was just too loud and hectic in daycare today.

  • Is there anyway we can work together in the afternoon next week? Usually the dogs have calmed down by the second half of the day.

Dog Training Session 12

  • Merle did great again today! He was very calm for a majority of the time, about 30 minutes.

  • He drank water and sat down today, which are both a break through!!! These signals are showing that he is becoming more relaxed in group settings.

  • I decided to pull him after 30 minutes, the daycare group began to bark and get rowdy, which triggered his anxiety.

  • I think next time he will be able to stay for the entire half day of daycare. If you can, bring him in the afternoon again (so we can get calmer groups).

Dog Training Session 13

  • Merle was in daycare all afternoon!

  • He walked into daycare with his tail up. That’s awesome!

  • I let dogs out one at a time to greet Merle so he wouldn’t be too overwhelmed. He avoided most of the dogs but let them sniff him which is good.

  • I tried him in group of dogs around his size but he became a little too stressed so I moved him to the small dog group where the dogs tend to be calmer.

  • He didn’t pace around, only walking around if dogs came into his space. He’s still panting but he looks a lot more comfortable than he used to be.

  • He laid down a few times. That’s a huge deal for Merle!

Dog Training Session 14

  • Merle did fantastic today!

  • Right after drop off, I brought him his cookies. He ate one immediately, showing me he was calm.

  • We went directly to daycare after that. Did a small greeting with 2 little dogs and one large. He did fantastic, no teeth, no shaking.

  • We then went into the full group of smaller dogs. This group had puppies and barking dogs. He did great with everybody again.

  • He even became spunky with me and played a little.

  • Merle stayed in daycare for the rest of the time and did really well. He really enjoyed the attention from the daycare supervisor.

  • I would still advise coming in the afternoon, just so his group is more relaxed.

Dog Training Session 15

  • Merle did very well today!

  • He was in daycare all afternoon, we hung out in his suite together until he was calm.

    • He was a little anxious in his suite when I  got here. He was laying down in the bed, but was drooling quite a bit.

  • Merle walked right into the daycare play area. Within about 15 minutes, his tail was up and he was mingling with the other dogs. There were quite a few puppies and adolescents in the group and Merle seemed confident (with me by his side) and ignored any rude behaviors from the other dogs.

    • Merle was still drooling a little bit in group, but did drink water to give himself a break

Dog Training Session 16

  • Merle did really well on his walk. He had no issues at all and seemed very excited to be out and about.

  • He went potty and had good leash manners while we were out too. I think he will do just fine on his walks. Next time, I would like to see how he does with someone other than me since we have built a bond and he trusts me.

  • Merle did well in daycare also. He went into the little dog group with a lot of other dogs and puppies. He was slightly overwhelmed but stayed confident and did not panic.

  • He also responds really well to all of our staff and loves getting bootie scratches.