• Hi! My name is Lulu. I am a Bug (Boston Terrier/Pug mix)! I am a very unique looking dog.

  • I can be shy and sometimes bark, but I am working on my leash manners and being polite with other people.

  • Don’t let my size fool you, I'm one tough girl! I love playing with all of my pals in doggy daycare.

  • I have the most adorable ears and head tilts!


Lulu’s Photos and Videos

Dog Training Log

Dog Training Session 1

  • Today was Lulu first training session. She is so smart!

  • We started working on leash manners

    • She pulled quite a bit on leash  

    • We also stated teaching the cue, look.

  • We also practiced putting the Gentle Leader on.

    • By the end of our session she was a lot more comfortable with it on. She wore it for about 2 minutes straight without pawing at it. We will start getting her used to it in small amounts of time before we attach the leash to it.

Dog Training Session 2

  • Lulu did really well today!

  • We worked on her eye contact, gentle leader comfort, and eye contact on the gentle leader.

  • Lulu’s eye contact is looking great. Keep working with her on it, as this is the foundation to all training, especially loose leash walking.

  • After we had worked on her eye contact, I pulled out the gentle leader. She was so excited to see it. She had a wagging tale and extreme interest in it.

  • We started luring her to walk with the gentle leader.

Dog Training Session 3

  • Today we continued working on getting Lulu comfortable wearing the Gentle Leader

  • Great job practicing at home!

  • Lulu is very comfortable putting her nose through to put the gentle leader on and strapping it in the back

  • Lulu can wear the gentle for about 5 minutes straight without trying to paw at it

  • We attached the leash to the GL and she walked 7 steps with it on!

  • We also continued look

    • Today I was able to redirect Lulu from reacting when there was another dog in the lobby by using look!

      • Keep up the good work!

  • Once Lulu associates the word, Look with the action, we can move onto walking Lulu on the gentle leader and giving eye contact.

Dog Training Session 4

  • Lulu did a great job today!

  • We started in a low distraction area to practice “look.” She looked 90% of the time. Awesome!

  • Since she did so well in the low distraction area, we moved to the hallway outside daycare where there were more smells and noises. She looked 70% of the time.

  • We practiced “sit” which will be important for teaching impulse control. I noticed she struggled a little bit (only sometimes sitting when asked) so keep practicing!