• Hi my name is Logan! I’m a twin!

  • I’m only 7 months old.

  • My brother and I love to dash through doors like mad men!

  • The world can be a very scary place for me, but I’m getting better.

  • Club Pet Academy is helping me learn some Basic Obedience!

  • P.S. I’m the white one!


Logan Dog Training


Dog Training Log

Session 1

  • My name is Amanda, one of the assistant trainers, and today was my first time meeting the boys! They are so handsome!

  • Logan was trained separately from Anakin. This makes it easier for them to learn because they are less distracted. Plus, it is important for them to do activities separately in order to strengthen your bond with them individually as well as help them grow into well behaved and balanced individuals. Training is the perfect opportunity to do that!

  • We practiced loose leash walking in a low distraction hallway. Logan caught on quickly!

    • I would like to practice this a little more before sending home the instructions.

  • Logan occasionally got distracted as all puppies do. In order to refocus his attention onto me, I used the “look” command by holding a treat up to my eyes and rewarding when he made eye contact.

  • We worked on waiting at many doorways to help with his door dashing. At first he tried to sneak through but I would take a step forward to back him up from the doorway and ask him to “sit”. He sat while I held the door all the way open, I’d say “look” and once he made eye contact, I said “free” and let him through. This will be his way of asking you for permission!

  • During Logan and Anakin’s second session (together), we focused on “wait” or “stay” to keep as a command for the pups to wait until freed when going through the door.

  • They have a very short threshold for their wait, meaning they can only wait for about 2 seconds at a time before their attention is lost or they move.

    • This will grow the more they are worked with.

  • When practicing at home for door dashing (work with only one dog at a time for now), open the door slightly (use your body as a wall preventing the dog from slipping through), ask the pup to “sit” (reward), use the “look” command by placing a treat at your forehead (creating eye contact). After the eye contact is made, say “wait”. If they stay in the “wait” for one second, say “free” and reward.

    • You can up the “wait” time second by second as they get better at the command.

    • Also, open the door further and further as they get better with the command, continue using your body as a block. As they get better, you will be able to move out of the doorway all together and they will wait.

Session 2

  • Logan had a little difficulty focusing today.

  • We worked on his door waits for about 2 minutes at a time. After this, he would lose interest and lay down.

  • We really focused on his eye contact (“look”). This command will help when they get loose and everything else is more interesting. This command is also the foundation for all other commands.

  • We worked on door waits and eye contact with both brothers. They did very well and were able to wait for about a minute at each door.

    • Logan really came out of his shell and focused more with his brother present.

  • Once they have gotten better at home at waiting alone, you can try them together.

    • Mind you body blocking is much more intensive with 2 dogs than 1

Session 3

  • My name is Sabrina. Today was my first time working with Anakin and Logan, they are a blast! I’m so excited to see them learn and grow.

  • We continued to focus on door dashing, he tried to push through every doorway at least once. For our second session today, we will practice this at almost every doorway in the building to keep it consistent.

    • Keep practicing body blocking/gate waits at home. He should not be allowed to go through any door threshold without giving you eye contact and you releasing him first

    • Keep practicing “look” at home, Logan doesn’t seem to understand the word yet and he doesn’t seem used to giving eye contact.

      • Remember, this only needs to be a 3-5 minute daily exercise.

  • We loose leash walked quite a bit as well. He did AWESOME! He only pulled a few times during our sessions. We will focus on giving eye contact while walking as well.

Session 4

  • Logan did great today!! He’s so smart!

  • We continued to work on door dashing, he tried to push through the first few doorways, but with a few refreshers, he did fantastic not rushing through and giving me eye contact, waiting for me to Okay him to come through!  

    • Keep practicing body blocking/gate waits at home. He should not be allowed to go through any door threshold without giving you eye contact and you releasing him first

  • We loose leash walked with no pulling. He looked up at me frequently. Every time he looked up at me, I praised him with verbal reinforcement and treats occasionally.

  • Keep working on the “look” he’s starting to get it! He hasn’t quite associated the word with the action just yet, but with practice he will get it in no time!