Johnny's dog training
  • Hi, my name’s Johnny and I’m so sweet!

  • I love giving hugs and getting lots of pets.

  • I’m a little nervous, but that’s okay (I’m just a puppy).

  • Club Pet Academy taught me how to walk on a leash very politely!


Dog Training Log

Session 1

  • Today we worked on Johnny looking when his name is called, marking the behavior with a clicker.

  • We learned that Johnny like his Pupperoni treats (was giving in halves) and peanut butter!

  • We also practiced wearing the Gentle Leader without the leash attached. He did GREAT for this!

  • We worked on really making him comfortable in the Gentle Leader.

Session 2

  • Johnny did really well today. We walked on the gentle leader very politely.

  • He has been very good about ignoring it and enjoys putting it on. He does still paw at it occasionally.

  • Right now he is walking mostly behind with a loose leash. This is good!

  • Next session, we really need to focus on getting his eyes up and at the handler.

  • He sometimes looks at the handlers legs, this is a good start.

Session 3

  • We continued working on Johnny’s leash manners, trying to get eye contact.

    • He maybe looks 10% of the time when turning away. He does not look when turning towards him.

    • He responds really well to “let’s go Johnny” to motivate him to move forward. (crouch down and lure him forward with a treat). He does not like to be gently pulled forward. He will shut down.

    • He also prefers to walk on a very loose leash, almost dragging on the floor.

  • He’s doing really well with the loose leash, about 75%. He is still struggling with making good eye contact, definitely a skill mom can achieve at home.

  • He does really well with verbal and physical praise!