• Hi, my name is Jersey! I have the best nickname, Tootsie Roll!

  • I love treats and praise!

  • I’m a new rescue, so I am a little unsure in new situations with people and dogs.

  • Before I started at the Club Pet Academy, I would drag my mom all over the place on the leash. Now, I walk like a pro. I can be walked with just one finger.

  • The Club Pet Academy is working on my staying put when told and stopping on command.

  • I’m also a touch leash reactive, so they are helping me with this as well.


Jersey dog training

Jersey’s Dog Training Photos and Videos

Dog Training Log

Dog Training Session 1

  • Jersey had an awesome first training day! She is so smart!

  • We started with sit which she’s great at! I like to start with basic commands even if she already knows them because it helps her warm up to me so we can get the most out of our sessions together.

  • We started working on eye contact using the command, look. She caught on quickly! It helps that she’s so food motivated too.

  • We also worked on her leash manners but I want us to practice this a little more before sending home the instructions. She’s getting the hang of it!

Dog Training Session 2

  • Jersey really got the hang of her leash manners today.

  • She walked on my left side with a loose leash about 50% of the time.

    • The more we practice, the better she will get.

  • At home, it is imperative Jersey is walked on a non-retractable leash.

    • We want her to be conditioned to walk with a loose leash feeling. We do not want her conditioned to the pulling sensation always present on retractable leashes. This will cause her to revert back to always pulling.

    • When walking, Jersey was on the left side. When making the loops from the homework, start by turning away from Jersey (to the right). As Jersey gets better, we will start turning towards her.

  • Turning towards Jersey will be our focus for next time. This will get Jersey’s eyes up and focused on her handler.

Dog Training Session 3

  • Jersey did really well towards the end of our first session.

  • We started walking towards her in our circles and her eyes would immediately go up to my face. This is exactly what we are looking for!

  • We worked in the lobby (high distraction). When a dog came in, she did raise her hackles and became a little reactive.

    • We worked on this by making a kissy sound to attract Jersey’s attention. Every time she focused on me instead of the other dog I would reward her.

      • If I could not break her eye contact with the dog, I would show her the treat right in front of her face (she’s so food motivated this worked every time). When she would break eye contact with the other dog and look at the treat, I would draw the treat to my forehead (holding her gaze), then reward.

  • Our second session was similar to the first. Jersey did great!

    • We started in a low distraction hallway to practice first. Once I had Jersey’s attention, we worked in the lobby. She walked with a loose leash 80% of the time, only pulling when a person walks by. We focused a lot on look (eye contact) which she’s very responsive to!

  • Please stay consistent with Jersey while practicing. She is in a critical stage of learning.

    • When walking, whether it be around the grass in front of your town home, just from the car and into Club Pet, or for a full blown walk, Jersey needs to be on a non-retractable leash.

      • She needs to be conditioned to a loose leash feeling versus a tight sensation.

Dog Training Session 4

  • Jersey did really well! She’s really gotten the hang of the loose leash.

  • We worked on it in the lobby, hallways, and outside.

    • She did spectacular in the lobby and in the hallway.

      • She needs about a minute to warm up, then she has a loose leash the remainder of the time.

  • When we worked out front (outside), we had to revert to her original turns, but she picked up very quickly on what she should do.

    • She had a loose leash for 80% of the time.

    • She was spooked by the fence creaking but was easily able to redirect back to me.

      • To do this, I showed her a treat and drew it up to my face, when she made eye contact, I said “look”.

    • She was able to walk in the snow all spunky, then focus back on me.

  • Remember when practicing, if Jersey starts to walk in front of you, turn away from her. If you want more eye contact from her, turn towards her.

    • You can also side step towards her to get her eyes up.

    • Test her by fluctuating the speed you are walking, as well as, starting and stopping.

Dog Training Session 5

  • Jersey did great for her bath.

  • She had no problems for her nails. She took treats and praise the entire time. No reactivity for her feet being touched at all.

  • She climbed up onto the table and into the tub with no problems (encouragement and treats helped, of course).

  • During the bath she did become more nervous. Her tail went down but did not tuck. She was uncomfortable but not in an extreme way.

    • She did not want to take treats at this time but took them immediately after.

  • She stayed calm but nervous for the dryer, which is very good. She did not try to bite the hose or react negatively in any way.

  • Overall, I’d say she is fairly comfortable with the entire grooming process.

Dog Training Session 6

  • Jersey did fantastic today. She has really got the hang of her leash manners.

  • She walked on a loose leash 98% of the time outside. 90% in the lobby. And 100% in the boarding hallways.

  • At home, keep practice the loose leash manners, challenging her sometimes with zig-zagging and circling if she walks in front of you.

  • We started working on her “stop” command. She was doing really well with it and picked up on what I wanted quickly.

Dog Training Session 7

  • Jersey did really well today. We focused on “stay” and “stop”.

  • Her leash manners are looking absolutely fantastic!

    • She stopped 100% of the time!

  • Today was about testing Jersey on her “stay” and seeing where her threshold was at since she has some familiarity with the command.

    • After practicing I noticed, Jersey does really well in low distraction. I can get about 12 steps away. In slightly more distraction (dogs barking), her threshold at a maximum is 5 feet.

    • This tells me you will need to start working with Jersey in a very low distraction environment (like inside your home).

      • When Jersey is able to stay for 2 minutes at a larger distance (15-30 steps), you can move up the distraction level of the environment.

        • Move outside, then to a slow park, then a busy park.

Dog Training Session 8

  • Jersey had a great session today!

  • I tested her leash walking skills in a high distraction and she did awesome!

    • She pulled occasionally on our walk to the hallway so I would just turn around and walk the other direction, then ask her to “look” so she knew to focus on me. Only a couple circles and then her leash manners were spot on!

    • She stopped 100% of the time! Then, when she made eye contact with me, I would say “let’s go” and start walking again.

    • She made eye contact with me 90% of the time in the high distraction hallway. That’s impressive!

    • When she didn’t look, I would put the treat in front of her nose and then draw it up to my eyes and reward her when she held eye contact for 5 seconds.

  • We practiced stay in a low distraction hallway.

    • The first couple of times when I would take a step back, Jersey would get up so I would say “whoops” and then put her back in a sit and start again.

    • She quickly caught on and I was able to go 15 steps for about 30 seconds.

    • Please keep practicing inside your home.

  • Keep up the great work! It’s showing!

Dog Training Session 9

  • Another great training day with Jersey!

  • We went to the lobby to practice leash walking and work on her reactivity.

    • Leash manners were perfect! She looked and stopped 100% of the time.

    • She tried to pull towards people in the lobby. I called her away by saying come, had her sit at my feet, make eye contact and then reward with a treat. She redirected very easily which is exactly what we want!

    • Next, we practiced walking politely passed the people. When we got close to the people, I would tell her look, hold a treat at my forehead, and reward once we walked passed the people and she held eye contact the whole time. She rocked this!

    • We didn’t encounter any dogs in the lobby.

  • We also practiced her sit stay in the lobby with high distractions. Her best was 30 feet away for over 30 seconds! She stayed 100% of the time at 15 feet away for 30 seconds. Your practice is showing!

  • We started working on her down stay.

    • Please continue practicing down. Continue to say the word as she does the action and reward. Remember, to “free” her (by saying “ok” or “free”) BEFORE she gets up from the down. This teaches her to hold the command until told otherwise.

    • I was only able to two steps back today but we’ll get there with practice!

  • I noticed sometimes Jersey will jump up for the treat in my hand if she gets impatient waiting for it. If she does this with you, ignore her until she is calm with all four paws on the floor, then reward. You can also do this for jumping in general.

  • I look forward to working with Jersey next time! It’s always a pleasure.

Dog Training Session 10

  • Jersey and I had our best session together today!

  • As usual, we reviewed door waits and leash walking from daycare to the lobby. She did perfect!

    • Occasionally she tries to dash through the door behind. When she would struggle, I had her sit, look, and then when she made eye contact for 5 seconds, I would free her and reward.

    • Two times she pulled towards someone she wanted to greet. Try to get her to make eye contact with you BEFORE she pulls towards the person. To do this, when you see someone coming close that she seems interested in, say look, have her hold eye contact for a few seconds then reward. Our lobby is a great place to practice this!

    • Of course, she’s welcome to greet people if you allow her to but she should do it politely, no pulling you or jumping on them. She should show off her leash manners!

      • Have her walk at your side. You may have to do a couple circles to get her attention on you and remind her to look (make eye contact). When she’s calm, tell her to sit in front of the person and as long as she’s not jumping, they can pet her (reward her).

  • When we entered the lobby, there was a man and his dog. Jersey did not react at all! She stayed at my side and making eye contact. Awesome!

  • We practiced sit stay and down stay in the lobby where there’s many distractions.

    • Her sit stay is amazing! She did it 100% of the time at 15 feet for a minute.

    • I started practicing walking circles around her while she stays. This is a challenge for her but teaches impulse control. Please practice this at home, if she gets up from the sit while you’re walking around her, say “whoops” and have her sit again. Then, take it one step at a time. If she looks like she’s going to get up, free her BEFORE she does and reward.

    • Her down stay looks so much better than last time! I can tell you’re practicing. I was able to walk 3 steps away for 20 seconds. Keep it up at home!

  • Keep ignoring her jumping whether it’s when she’s excited or trying to steal a treat. Try not to look at her or speak to her, just turn the opposite direction. Once all four paws are on the ground, reward her with a lot of attention which is exactly what she wants!

Dog Training Session 11

  • Jersey did amazing today!

  • We focused on her leash reactivity around other dogs and people.

    • She had a loose leash about 80% of the time when we were around people. We continued using the look command to draw her attention away from other people and onto me.

    • We also practiced her look while in the sit position with dogs entering and sniffing her.

      • She did absolutely fantastic with this. She held her look 90% of the time. Only breaking it when another dog touched her.

  • We also focused on her door waits. She had a hard time focusing and pulled me through the door.

    • For homework please practice having Jersey sit at every doorway and make eye contact. Have her hold the eye contact for 5 seconds. Step through the door, then say “ok” to release her, immediately have Jersey look again.

      • This is going to help with her initial bolt through the doorway, so we can maintain the loose leash all the time.  

  • For Jersey’s second session, we walked through the boarding facility hallways. Dogs were continuously barking at her, so it was the perfect practice scenario.

    • We worked on her look and she had it 80% of the time!

    • She showed no signs of distress and her hackles did not raise.

  • We then went outside to our potty pins. Dogs were once again barking at her. She had full view of each of these dogs and this seemed to alarm her slightly.

    • Her hackles raised immediately.

    • We worked on her look which she had down about 30%.

    • Her hackles went down about 5 seconds after they raised, which showed me she had calmed down.

      • She investigated the snow and sniffed other dogs through the fence. Once again, I asked her to “look” to redirect her attention. She was at 50% after she calmed down.

Dog Training Session 12

  • Another amazing session with Jersey today!

  • Jersey’s door waits look better! A couple times she didn’t want to sit but I said “whoops”, “sit” and then waited until she eventually sat. I let her through when she made eye contact for 5 seconds.

    • She did great with look after she went through the door and didn’t pull me through once! Please keep practicing this.

  • We focused mainly on her leash reactivity and impulse control (sit stay, down stay) in high distraction areas.

  • We started in the lobby where there were two people with two dogs. Jersey didn’t pull towards them or react at all!

    • She stayed at my side and as we walked passed them, I said “look” and rewarded her when she held eye contact. She looked and walked with a loose leash 100% of the time!

    • Vanessa was training with a reactive dog in the lobby at the same time. Even when that dog barked at Jersey, Jersey didn’t react. When Jersey looked at the reactive dog, I broke her attention away by saying “look” and kept walking.

  • Next, we walked down our fullest, noisiest boarding hallway. Jersey walked with a loose leash 100% of the time! She looked about 80% of the time.

    • She was only slightly distracted which is impressive!

    • No hackles or reactivity in this hallway.

    • Her sit stays were perfect! With dogs barking loudly around her, Jersey sat 30 feet away from me for over 30 seconds every time.

    • Down stay has improved greatly! She only broke the down once. I was able to walk 15 feet away every time.

    • Keep up the great work with both of these!

  • Then, we walked outside along our potty pens which is a fairly new environment for Jersey. She was distracted by all the new smells.

    • She walked with a loose leash 70% of the time. A couple times I had to make kissy noises and gently pull her along when she stopped to sniff.

    • She looked 50% of the time. When she didn’t, I said “whoops”, held a treat at my eyes, and waited for her to make eye contact.

    • After about 5 minutes, Jersey refocused her attention back on me. We were able to walk passed a dog in a pen with Jersey making eye contact with me the whole time!

Dog Training Session 13

  • Jersey had another great training session today!

  • Jersey’s door waits were awesome! She sat every time except once. I said “whoops” and waited for her to sit and make eye contact.

    • She didn’t pull me through any doors!

  • We practiced leash manners in the lobby.

    • Two people with a lab came in and Jersey got excited. She started barking and pulling me towards them.

    • To get her attention back on me, I started walking away from the people, gently pulling on the leash, while making kissy noises. When she started walking with me, I said “look” and rewarded when she held eye contact for a few seconds.

    • After that, we were able to walk passed the people and dog with Jersey making eye contact and walking with a loose leash!

  • Next, we walked down one of our noisiest, fullest boarding hallways.

    • Jersey did an amazing job!

    • She walked with a loose leash 90% of the time and made eye contact 80% of the time.

  • Then, we walked outside along our potty pens. Jersey struggled a little out there because it was a new stimulating environment.

    • Jersey walked with a loose leash 80% of the time and made eye contact 50% of the time.

    • One dog was barking through the fence. Jersey put her hackles up and wanted to go up to the dog and react back.

      • I kept walking, gently pulling Jersey with me, when she started walking alongside me again, I said “look” and rewarded when she held eye contact.

      • We walked back and forth passed the reactive dog and Jersey kept her eyes on me the whole time!

  • I noticed outside that Jersey did not respond to the word “look” without holding a treat at my eyes.

      • To work on this at home, put your hand up to eye level (WITHOUT a treat), say “look” when she makes eye contact, have her hold eye contact for 5 seconds then reward with a treat. Once she gets it 20 times, then only use the word “look”, wait until she makes eye contact, then reward.

      • Our goal is for her to look 100% of the time because it’ll be your most useful tool with any reactivity, distraction, etc.

  • Jersey is easy to redirect and she catches on quickly to what you expect of her. You both are doing amazing!