• Hi, my name is Jack!

  • I’m just a little Klee Kai puppy.

  • I’m very intelligent and love to perform.

  • I have one crystal clear white eye and one brown.

  • The Club Pet Academy is teaching me basic obedience, leash manners, and some advanced tricks.

Captain Jack

Jack's Dog Training

Dog Training Session 1

  • Jack did awesome today!

  • We started working on his eye contact, “sit”, and “down”.

  • He had his “sit” down pretty well. Make sure when you are practicing at home that you do not reward when he jumps up for the treat.

  • Only reward as the action is happening.

  • He really picked up on “down” today as well. We performed it by having him sit, then gradually pulling the treat down to his feet.

    • He struggled at first but nailed it by the end.

  • Also, if possible, try to give us three days notice on a training session, unless you want to stick to a set schedule. This just insures we can train him that day.

Dog Training Session 2

  • Jack did fabulous today!!

  • We continued working on Sit, Down and Look (eye contact)

    • Jack has sit down about 95%

      • Jack has “down” about 80%! This is great as sometimes “down” can be a hard cue for puppies to learn.

      • Continue practicing at home

    • Jack has ‘look” down about 30% - considering he just started learning it yesterday, this is very impressive!

      • I can tell you’ve been practicing!

  • I know a primary goal is to complete leash manners, in order for Jack to be successful we will need him in a different collar or harness (front clip/Easy Walk Harness) if you’d prefer for him to walk on a harness. We have a few collars here that I might recommend for Jack.

Dog Training Session 3

  • Jack did fantastic today. He really is a quick learner!

  • We reviewed his “sit”, “down”, and eye contact. They are all looking great!

    • Additionally, start working on a release command.

  • We started on Jack’s leash manners. He picked up on what I wanted towards the end.

    • I have attached a guideline on how to perform good leash manners at home.

  • He was able to walk behind me and to the right the entire time in the lobby while it was calm!

Dog Training Session 4

  • It was our first session training together and he did awesome!

  • We started with door waits which we do with all of our training pups. You can also practice this at home.

  • Since we haven’t seen Jack in a couple weeks, I wanted to review what he’s learned already.

    • Sit looks great! He sat 90% of the time. There were a few exceptions when he needed to be lured with a treat. Our goal is for him to sit even without treats.

    • Down is coming along nicely! Using a treat to lure him from sit, he did down 90% of the time. Keep making the association between the command by saying “down” AS he lays down.

  • We worked on his leash manners as well. The standard is usually the dog walking on the handler’s left side. I found that Jack has a tendency to cross behind me and try to walk on the right. Do you typically walk him on the right side? If so, we can practice walking on our right if that’s easier for you.

    • All your hard work shows. Keep it up!