• Hi, my name’s Groot.

  • I’m a very big boy. I’m a Great Dane.

  • I love leaning on people and getting bootie scratches.

  • I may be big, but I’m a scaredy cat.

  • I like showing off my tricks, “speak” and “shake.”

  • Club Pet Academy is teaching me how to walk politely on leash and come when called.


Groot's Dog Training

Groot’s Dog Training Photos and Videos

Dog Training Session 1

  • Groot did absolutely fantastic with his first day of training!

  • We started working on an eye contact command, look, and his leash manners.

  • The eye contact command will be essential when working on training with Groot, especially his leash reactivity.

  • Also, start practicing the leash manners guide at home. Practice in the lowest distraction setting possible, like the backyard or in your living room (if there is enough room for the big boy).

Dog Training Session 2

  • Today was my first session with Groot and we had fun!

  • We worked in a low distraction hallway but he was still pretty distracted which is to be expected in the beginning.

  • We practiced look but struggled because Groot wasn’t motivated by my treats. I will try chicken next time which most dogs usually LOVE.

  • We mostly worked on leash manners.

    • At first, Groot pulled me quite a bit because he was more interested in the new surroundings than me. But over the session, he got more and more into the groove.

  • Please keep practicing look and leash manners at home with minimal distractions. Consistency is key!

Dog Training Session 3

  • Today was mine and Groot’s first session today, he is a blast to work with!!

  • Today we continued to focused on Look

    • Groot gave me eye contact 50% of the time when asked to Look

      • This is expected and good for just beginning training

      • Keep practicing at home!

    • I was able to get Groot to focus on me using Look to distract him from reacting to a person and dog walking by! :)

  • We also worked on his leash manners in both sessions

    • We practiced in a low distraction area, he was a little unsure and jumpy at first.

    • Groot really enjoyed our walks and relaxed quite a bit.

    • Groot walked at my side nicely with treats present.

      • Groot took hot dogs and pupperoni treats from me today, but definitely preferred the hot dogs!

Dog Training Session 4

  • Groot did fabulous towards the end of our sessions.

  • He had a hard time focusing at first and pulled me across the lobby to investigate something.

  • If you are okay with it, we decided using the Gentle Leader would be a good route for Groot.

  • Continue turning away from Groot when practicing at home. Holding a high value treat at your forehead will also help him get his eyes on you.

  • Continue working on look at home.

  • You’re doing a fantastic job!

Dog Training Session 5

  • Groot was absolutely awesome today from start to finish!

  • We practiced putting on the Gentle Leader over and over desensitizing him to the weird sensation, as well as making it a positive one with treats.

    • He is very comfortable with it and only pawed at it once.

  • We also worked on his walking, which was spectacular on the Gentle Leader. With the Gentle Leader, we can truly reinforce our stop and turns away from him (Groot cannot continue to pull us).

  • Continue working on the look command, as this will be essential when we work on leash reactivity. It is also crucial to building a bond with Groot.

  • Additionally, please have Groot wait at every doorway.

  • Finally, continue working with Groot on his leash manners by turning away from him. Make sure he is wearing the Gentle Leader while practicing.

Dog Training Session 6

  • I love working with Groot!

  • We had a rocky 1st session, but there were lots of distractions and Groot had only been here for an hour.

    • He was pulling quite a bit, even with the gentle leader on

    • He only Looked 20% of the time

    • Groot did great keeping eye contact once he gave it

    • He also did wonderful putting his Gentle leader on and taking it off

  • 2nd Session - We continued working on Look with and without the GL on

  • He did great! I’m sure playing and getting some energy out was helpful.

  • Groot was a little apprehensive at first but got into the groove in no time!

  • Without treats present Groot walked loose without pulling wearing the GL in the front walkway and parking lot

    • We really enjoyed our little walk :)

  • We also practiced in the lobby with 3 people,1 dog and a cat checking in without reacting! YAY!

Dog Training Session 7

  • Groot did very well today!

  • We worked on his leash manners outside in the parking lot with him today.

    • I think this is a perfect space to work with Groot. He is less likely to be distracted by anything in this environment and it is big enough for him to really get the gist of leash manners.

    • It started to click for him when I made sudden turns away from him. He realized if he wasn’t right by me and paying attention he would be left behind.

      • Please try practicing this at home. Walk at a quicker pace and suddenly turn. When Groot is at your hip say “yes” and reward.

  • Please really focus on his eye contact at home. He is struggling to look still.

    • Work on drawing the opposite non treat hand up to your eyes saying “yes, look” when he makes the eye contact. The yes is essential. It is marking the exact second he does the action correctly.

  • Continue working on Groot waiting at each doorway. He is really struggling with this as well. Groot needs to learn to rely on you to do things for him. This will put you in a superior role and will help with his confidence, which is a part of his leash reactivity.

    • Make sure you wait Groot out. He must look up at your face before going through the door.

      • To release him through the door, say “okay”.

Dog Training Session 8

  • I haven’t worked with Groot since the beginning of his training and he truly impressed me!

  • He only tried to sneak through the first door. After that, his door waits were awesome!

  • His leash manners are coming along great! The gentle leader has helped a lot.

    • He did better outside in the parking lot than inside.  

    • Every time he pulled (towards people, doors, etc.), I’d say “whoops” and turn and walk the opposite direction.

    • If he was distracted (sniffing, looking around, etc.), I put a treat in front of his nose, drew it up to my eyes, AS he looked, I said “yes, look” and rewarded him.

    • He walked with a loose leash 75% of the time.

    • He made eye contact 30% of the time.

  • He did well with me drawing my non treat hand up to eye level, saying “yes, look” and rewarding. When practicing look, do that 10 times to start.

    • If he looks every time, then he’s ready for the next step.

    • Step 4: Next, gather the dogs attention with a sound and wait until they look up at you. This step will require a lot of patience on your part.

      • After s/he gets 20 looks at your eyes without a treat in a row, you can begin saying “look” before the action. If s/he ignores you and does not follow the command, revert back. S/he must do it on the first try. You want to avoid saying “look” ten times and catching his/her attention 1 of those times (if this happens s/he will look whenever s/he wants not on command).

  • Keep practicing! It shows!

Dog Training Session 9

  • Groot did fantastic today! His leash manners are really starting to click!

  • He walked with a 100% loose leash from daycare to outside.

  • Every area Groot was familiar with, he walked with a very good loose leash.

  • We went for our first true walk out in our field. We saw a squirrel, which Groot really wanted to chase after. We practiced our loops until he calmed back down and we could move on.

    • Groot has some confidence issues in new spaces. I want  you to really focus on getting his eye contact in new environments.

      • Groot will not take treats, no matter how tasty when he is uncomfortable/ not confident.

      • We want grow his reliance on you so his confidence will boost, which in turn will help with his leash reactivity.

        • Practice the eye contact command in these new environments. You will need to revert all the way back to step one when you go into a new space.

          • If Groot is not taking treats in the new space, sit down and pet him for a while and let him watch.

            • After a couple minutes see if he will take a treat.

              • Pay attention to how long it takes him to get comfortable. We want to gradually make this timeframe smaller and smaller.

  • Groot’s door waits are looking awesome!

    • Keep up the good work!

    • Work on getting both Groot’s eye contact and a sit out of him before he goes through the door.

      • You may have to just focus on one or the other for now.

  • Next time, we will touch on recall.