Elite Dog boarding Suite

Dog Daycare Friends

 Have a very energetic dog?  Or maybe you have multiple, large dogs?  Then the Elite Dog Suite might be the right vacation package for your pup!! 

Our Elite Suite Package includes a Full Day of dynamic Dog Daycare (6 hours of social, supervised play time with other dogs!) and a Moonlight Outing.  These suites come furnished with an elevated cot, a plush fleece blanket, and water service at all times.  In Suite Web Cameras allow you to check in on your pet online when you miss them.  With the Elite Suite Package, your dog will be tired from play and will be ready for bed at the end of the day.

Elite Dog Boarding Suite.jpg
  •  Measurements: 6 feet by 10 feet

  • Exercises: 2 Individual Outings (AM and PM), 6 Hours of Dog Daycare, Moonlight Outing

  • Room Service (meals) and Housekeeping Daily

  • Extras: In Suite Web Cam

  • Ideal For Large, Active, or Multiple Dogs

$65 per day ($50 per day for Additional Dogs in the same suite)