• Hi, my name is Domino and I’m the life of the party!

  • I have so much personality for one little body.

  • I have the best smile, partly because of my snaggletooth!

  • I also have super long legs that I like to show off.

  • Oh, and I’ll do a trust fall in a heart beat, even if no one is there to catch me!


Domino's Dog Training


Dog Training Session 1

  • Domino was awesome today.

  • We started working on an eye contact command, which will set the foundation for all other commands. This command will also help us achieve more focus from Domino, since he is a little ADD.

  • Domino’s attention span is quite small right now, so definitely work for 5 minutes at a time each day. He will have eye contact down in no time.

Dog Training Session 2

  • Today was mine and Domino’s first session together! He is very bright.

  • We continued working on eye contact

    • I can tell you’re practicing at home!

    • He did very well for this, Looking 80% of the time

  • We also worked on door dashing today!

    • He did well for this as well. The first session, he was dashing through every door, but our second session, he started to understand.

Dog Training Session 3

  • Domino did amazing today!!!

  • His attention level was up. We were able to work for 15 consecutive minutes at a time.

  • His eye contact command is looking absolutely fabulous. Keep practicing so he remembers it.

  • He did not dash through a single door! Your practice has really shown off! He even made his own bubble around the door, knowing he should stay back slightly until “okayed” through.

  • We started working on the “come” command. He absolutely loved it and did so well

Dog Training Session 4

  • I love working with Domino! He’s such a blast to work with.

  • Today we focused on Recall

    • Domino came when called 100% of the time when in a low distraction area! This was with and without treats present.

  • During our Recall practices, we also touched up on Look and door dashing

    • He didn’t doordash once! Yay!!