• Hi, my name is Domino and I’m the life of the party!

  • I have so much personality for one little body.

  • I have the best smile, partly because of my snaggletooth!

  • I also have super long legs that I like to show off.

  • Oh, and I’ll do a trust fall in a heart beat, even if no one is there to catch me!


Domino's Dog Training

Domino’s Dog Training Photos and Videos

Dog Training Log

Dog Training Session 1

  • Domino was awesome today.

  • We started working on an eye contact command, which will set the foundation for all other commands. This command will also help us achieve more focus from Domino, since he is a little ADD.

  • Domino’s attention span is quite small right now, so definitely work for 5 minutes at a time each day. He will have eye contact down in no time.

Dog Training Session 2

  • Today was mine and Domino’s first session together! He is very bright.

  • We continued working on eye contact

    • I can tell you’re practicing at home!

    • He did very well for this, Looking 80% of the time

  • We also worked on door dashing today!

    • He did well for this as well. The first session, he was dashing through every door, but our second session, he started to understand.

Dog Training Session 3

  • Domino did amazing today!!!

  • His attention level was up. We were able to work for 15 consecutive minutes at a time.

  • His eye contact command is looking absolutely fabulous. Keep practicing so he remembers it.

  • He did not dash through a single door! Your practice has really shown off! He even made his own bubble around the door, knowing he should stay back slightly until “okayed” through.

  • We started working on the “come” command. He absolutely loved it and did so well

Dog Training Session 4

  • I love working with Domino! He’s such a blast to work with.

  • Today we focused on Recall

    • Domino came when called 100% of the time when in a low distraction area! This was with and without treats present.

  • During our Recall practices, we also touched up on Look and door dashing

    • He didn’t doordash once! Yay!!

Dog Training Session 5

  • Domino did well today.

  • He struggled with his attention and eye contact, but was fantastic at his recall!

  • Keep working on Domino’s eye contact in a slightly distracting environment such as in the backyard or while someone is cooking.

  • Domino had 100% recall with people as distractions present, this is very good. He has really progressed with this command. Keep practicing by adding more distractions

  • We started working on Domino’s leash manners. He has a very hard time with eye contact when you start walking. He is on a mission.

Dog Training Session 6

Domino did great today! I’m filling in for Vanessa today and it was our first session together. We became fast friends!

  • His eye contact has improved a lot!

    • He looked 80% of the time and has a good understanding of the command.

  • Domino recalled 100% of the time in a low distraction area. Yay!

  • Since he did so well inside with recall, I wanted to test him in a high distraction area. I took him outside around our potty pens where boarding dogs were being rotated.

    • This was a challenge for him but that was expected.

  • We practiced leash manners and he’s starting to catch on!

  • Your hard work shows! Keep it up!

Dog Training Session 7

Another great session with Domino!

  • He looked 90% of the time!

    • He only struggles around high distractions.

    • Perfect places to practice are outside in your yard, on a walk, near a park, or in our lobby at pick up and drop off.

  • His door waits are fantastic!

  • We practiced leash manners in a low distraction hallway to start.

  • Since he did well inside, we practiced leash manners outside by our potty pens.

  • We also practiced recall with people and dogs present.

    • He struggled a little bit with this today.

    • He’s very responsive to come. He started to come 100% of the time but actually ran all the way to me, sat and made eye contact 80% of the time.

Dog Training Session 8

  • Domino was so excited to train with me again! He was all smiles the whole time.

  • We focused on Domino’s leash manners in low and medium distractions, as well as, on his recall in low, medium, and high distraction levels.

  • We also worked on his jumping since he was so excited to see me today.

  • Low distraction:

    • He had a loose leash in the low distraction environment about 40%, he just had so much energy.

    • His recall was 100% in the low distraction.

      • He did not need to be gently pulled at all. He came full speed every time.

  • Medium Distraction:

    • We practiced eye contact to start off. He really struggled, so we added a more flavorful treat to appeal to his senses.

      • Chicken

        • This drew his eyes up immediately.

    • We worked on his loose leash. He had it about 5% outside. He had no eye contact while moving.

    • Additionally, try side stepping towards Domino to get his eyes on you.

    • He performed recall 100%

  • High Distraction:

    • He was fantastic! 100% recall.

      • He needed to be gently pulled in about 20% of the time.

  • Please continue to work on his eye contact by waiting.

Dog Training Session 9

  • I love working with Domino, he’s such a blast!

  • We worked on leash manners in medium and high distraction areas

    • In the medium distraction area he Looked 80% of time and only pulled twice otherwise, he was walking loose, at my side the rest of the time

    • In the high distraction areas, he walked loose and by my side about 70% of the time and gave eye contact about 60% of the time

  • We also worked on Recall in low, medium and high distraction areas

    • In the low distraction area, Domino Recalled 100%!

    • In the medium distraction area, he recalled 75% of the time with a few gentle pulls of the leash to get his attention back on me

    • In high distraction areas, Domino came when called 50% of the time with a few gentle pulls of the leash to get his attention back on me.

  • His Look is spot on! Great job practicing this with Domino!

Dog Training Session 10

  • Domino did great today. He loves training; he wears the biggest smile the whole time.

  • We worked on a new command today, stay.

    • We started with a sit stay which he did very well with.

    • Domino was able to stay in the sit position while I slowly backed up two steps and waited 5 seconds.

      • He has a hard time maintaining focus. When he looks away from you, he automatically gets up after he is finished looking at or listening to something.

      • We want to mark him standing every time with the release command, so he begins to learn he must stay in that position until released.

    • I have attached a guide on how to work on sit stay at home.

  • We continued working on Domino’s eye contact, door waits, and leash manners.

    • His eye contact and door waits are looking spectacular.

      • Keep practicing them so he doesn’t forget.

        • Please keep working on the waiting form of eye contact and marking it with the command when he makes eye contact.

        • Also continue changing environments. When Domino goes anywhere new, he struggles to make eye contact. Eye contact is the key to good manners and obedience.

          • You will need to revert back to the earlier steps of the eye contact guide when changing environments.

  • Keep working on Domino’s leash manners. We practiced a new “game” today where I would suddenly turn towards Domino and walk at him. This helped get his eye contact up which was fantastic.

    • Keep practicing in low distraction environments until he has nailed a loose leash walk in the heel position with eye contact every so often of his own accord.

Dog Training Session 11

  • Domino had an absolute blast in training today! :)

  • It’s been a while since his last training session so he was a little out of routine, but after a few practices was right in the groove!

  • We went over a little bit of everything to see what he remembered. We did Look, Recall (Come), leash manners, Stay, Sit and Down.

  • Domino’s Look was spot on!

    • He had 100% eye contact in low distraction areas

    • In higher distraction areas (lobby and outside) he Looked about 50% of the time and needed a treat present to get him to focus on me.

    • Try to practice Look in higher distraction areas, like the lobby when you drop off for daycare. This will help increase his focus.

  • Domino’s come is fantastic! He really loves that “game”

    • He recalled in all areas of distraction 100% of the time

      • He did run past me a few times, but once he realized I was behind him, came running directly to me

  • Domino struggled a bit with leash manners. He pulled quite a bit and any time he felt unsure, he wanted to stand up on his hind legs as if he was going to jump up or walk on his hind paws.

    • He gave eye contact about 10% of the time. I needed to ask him to Look several times

    • How often does Domino usually go on walks? If he hasn’t been on a walk in a while, it’s possible he is just a little rusty with leash manners. Bringing him at least once a week will definitely help him be successful in training.

      • If you feel like you are experiencing the same things, we could also look into a Gentle Leader head harness or Easy Walk harness. These tools are designed to help discourage pulling

  • Domino did great with Stay today

    • Domino was able to Sit and Stay with me 10 steps away for 25 seconds! This is a huge improvement from his last training session 4/12 (2 steps for 5 seconds)

    • Domino also did a few Down Stays as well. He laid down on his own from being in the sit position. When he did this, I was able to walk 10 steps away for 30 seconds before he would get out of position.

  • Domino has Sit and Down as well. Domino would do both with or without treats present in all distraction areas.