Group Classes

Group Dog Training Classes are a great way to teach your dog and you how to work as a team. We believe in fostering the bond between pet and pet parent to create a fun learning experience for both of you. Our Group Dog Training Classes come with everything you need to get started, including clicker, treat pouch, flat leash, Gentle Leader, long leash (except Puppy Class), and (of course) training treats!! That’s a $120 value included in the price!!

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Puppy Training

PUppy Training Class- $245

Just brought home a new puppy and want to get their training started off right? Bring them to our Puppy Training Class. In this 6 week class we cover important dog basics such as how to be the leader for your puppy, leash manners, “stop”, and recall. Puppies will also have a chance to practice their social skills by getting some play time with the other puppies in training class.

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Basic dog obedience training class - $250

Dog Training Stay

A great way to start for adolescent and adult dogs who haven’t had a lot of training experience. In this 8 week class we cover everything from sit, down, and stay to leash manners, come, and eye contact. You and your pet will work as a team to learn basic skills that set the foundation for all other training including Advanced Obedience Training and Trick Training.

Dogs Adopted From Rescues receive 10% off our Basic Obedience Class. Ask our trainers for details

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Advanced Obedience training Class - $270

Does your dog know all their basic commands? Maybe it’s time to get them into an Advanced Obedience Training Class. This 8 week class expands on your dog’s training skills and teaches fun tricks to keep your pet’s mind sharp. Tricks taught in this class include: Drop It, Leave It, Roll Over, Spin, Shake, and Sit Up. Advanced Training is a great way to keep your dog’s mind sharp!!

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Leash Manners - $230

Dog Walk

Walking politely on leash is so important when taking your dog with you out in public. It’s also one of the most difficult skills for dogs and pet parents to master. That’s why we’ve started a 4 week class specifically dedicated to teaching your dog polite leash-walking skills. After this class, you will no longer be the person with an unruly dog because your dog will turn into a leash-walking pro!!

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There is a $25 fee for rescheduling a missed Group Training Class