• Hi there! I’m Dante!

  • I’m the cutest thing! I have tortilla chip ears that are super tiny!

  • I love to snuggle and sit in your lap even though I’m actually a big dog.

  • I’m attending the Club Pet Academy to work on my leash manners, confidence issues, recall, and learn some tricks.


Dante Dog Training.jpg

Dante’s Dog Training Photos and Videos

Dog Training Session 1

  • Dante was very nervous today.

  • We tried a variation of treats to try to give Dante motivation and focus. We landed on hot dogs.

  • Dante is the kind of pup who needs the trainer to go at his pace.

    • We went into one of our Penthouse suites, finding the quietest and calmest space.

    • At first he was too nervous to look at me as he became aware of the space and started to relax, he started to want some of the hot dogs.

  • We started a command for eye contact. This command is the foundation for any of our commands or actions.

Dog Training Session 2

  • Dante did really well today. He started to warm up to his environment, allowing us to start on his leash manners.

  • We tried working on his eye contact command again, he was still a little too nervous to really focus but he did get a couple really good looks in.

Dog Training Session 3

  • We focused on Dante’s eye contact today. He is looking fantastic!

  • He was able to look 95% with treats.

  • He was very willing to take treats and had much more focus today.

  • He definitely had a breakthrough and warmed up to his environment.

  • We worked on eye contact at each doorway

Dog Training Session 4

  • We worked on Dante’s leash manners again today.

  • While working with Dante, I have noticed that he is extremely wary of his environment. He tends to look everywhere and listen to everything. He gets overloaded emotionally and has a hard time focusing on me. I think we really need to focus on his confidence in new spaces. This is part of the reason why he pulls so hard. He is trying to get away from everything and find a safe place.

  • To test something out, I worked with Dante and my dog for a portion of his training. My dog has a lot of confidence and a lot of training.

  • Dante immediately responded to her and walked much better on leash. He was able to focus on her as his safe place. I would like to continue working with the two of them for next time.

Dog Training Session 5

  • Dante did so good today!

  • He has started to gain more confidence. He was able to take treats while walking when we started today, which he has not been able to do in the past

  • His eye contact command is looking absolutely fabulous. He can now “look” with the command in a low distraction environment 95% of the time.

  • After about 10 minutes of practicing, a person walked down the hallway where we were. He lost his confidence a little and could not focus for leash manners.

  • Then a dog walked down the hallway with a person.

    • He was able to perform his eye contact command after the dog left the space 4 out of 10 times.

  • Then a person walked all the way towards Dante and passed him. He completely shut down at this point and could not focus at all afterwards.

  • This gives us a threshold for Dante’s confidence levels. We will continue to try to expand them, so he can stay calm, focus, and walk politely.

Dog Training Session 6

  • Dante did awesome today!!

  • He’s really starting to get the hang of good leash manners

  • His confidence levels were also up! He was taking treats everywhere and able to make eye contact regularly.

Dog Training Session 7

  • Dante did so well today!

  • We continued working on his leash manners in the low distraction setting at the beginning. He’s started to get eye contact more and more. He occasionally goes off into his own world and needs to be brought back with a sudden stop in front of him.

  • We started upping his distraction level by going into a busy hallway with multiple people walking through.

  • Keep working with Dante. You have been doing a great job. His eye contact on command is fantastic. Keep gradually raising the distraction level.

Dog Training Session 8

  • FANTASTIC! Dante did absolutely amazing today!

  • We upped the distraction level to the lobby with one of our receptionists walking around.

  • He had great leash manners (walking slightly behind) throughout our entire session. He had a loose leash about 75% of the time and eyes on me 50% (on request).

  • Keep practicing with Dante, your work really shows! In order for Dante to feel comfortable everywhere, practice in new environments (look and leash manners).

    • His eye contact on command is fabulous.

Dog Training Session 9

  • Dante did absolutely amazing again!

  • We worked in the lobby with lots of people and dogs coming in and out.

    • He showed some signs of distress but stayed extremely focused!

    • He looked 100% of the time.

    • He had a loose leash 95% of the time.

  • We also journeyed outside where he had a 95% loose leash and eye contact 80%.

  • He has really progressed leaps and bounds!

  • Keep practicing! If you like, we can begin to focus on a new command! We have recall on his consult information is that the next thing you would like us to focus on?

Dog Training Session 10

  • Dante was great again!

  • We touched on his leash manners in the lobby again. He did fantastic with a loose leash 95% of the time. He had a harder time keeping his eye contact up, but it was very busy with people and dogs.

    • Keep practicing with him in new environments.You are doing fabulous!

      • Remember to turn towards him to get his eyes up or say “look”  and reward when he gives you eye contact.

  • We started working on Dante’s recall and he did fantastic!

    • He was able to do perform recall 100% in low distraction (an empty hallway), medium distraction (in our Penthouse boarding hallway with dogs barking), and high distraction (in the lobby with people and dogs present).

    • He had a hard time going out to investigate anything since he has become so conditioned to stay in heel with me.

    • I have attached a guide on how to work on come at home. I recommend using a long leash to reinforce the behavior you want.

      • The long leash will make it difficult for Dante to get away with not coming when called.

Dog Training Session 11

  • Dante had an awesome session today. I’m filling in for Vanessa and this was our first time training together. We had a good time!

  • We practiced leash manners in a low distraction hallway first to get to know each other.

    • There were a lot of people and dogs passing and since we haven’t built a strong bond yet, he was very distracted.

    • We did a lot of circles and eye contact to get his attention on me.

  • Once I had his attention, we moved to the lobby. He did excellent!

    • He walked with a loose leash 95% of the time and made eye contact 80% of the time.

    • By the end, I dropped the leash and he showed off his leash manners off leash!

    • We practiced holding eye contact while walking.

      • To start, I asked him to look then took one step and rewarded him. Then, I took two steps and rewarded as long as he held eye contact. And so forth one step at a time.

      • He was able to go three steps holding eye contact. It’ll increase as we practice!

  • Next, we worked on recall (come) in the lobby.

    • He recalled 100% of the time!

    • I would toss a treat a good distance away for him to search for as a distraction.

    • Then, I’d get his attention by making kissy noises.

    • As soon as he turned to me, I said “yes, Dante, come!” and cheered him on the whole way to me.

    • Then, asked him to sit and rewarded when he made eye contact. Don’t forget to say “OK” after to free him.

    • If you struggle to get his attention, start gently pulling him towards you with the leash.

  • I was impressed by Dante’s skills today. Keep up the great work!

Dog Training Session 12

  • Dante is doing FANTASTIC! He has really progressed since starting.

  • He is walking with perfect leash manners in every environment.

    • Keep practicing Amanda’s note for eye contact from last time.

  • His door waits are absolutely perfect!

  • Today, we focused on Dante’s recall.

    • He really has the hang of it when the treat is being tossed.

      • Try tossing toys as a substitute.

    • Also, really focus on performing the recall command when Dante is out and about sniffing things or finding things interesting.

      • Using the leash to reinforce the come action if he dawdles or does not come.

  • Also, focus on phasing out treats when performing leash manners and the toss a treat form of recall, since he has essentially perfected them.

    • I have attached a guide on phasic out treats for you to practice at home.

  • Keep up the good work.

  • Next time, we can start to focus on a new command. We can teach Dante to hold things or fetch.

    • We have these written down as interest points from your initial consult.

Dog Training Session 12

  • Dante was amazing again today!

  • We touched on his leash manners in all environments which are looking perfect.

  • Next we started on touch, which is the foundation for holding objects.

    • I have attached a guide to practice touch at home.

    • Peanut butter is your friend for this kind of trick.

  • Dante’s recall was perfect in every environment. We really focused on it outside today.

  • Keep up the good work and keep gradually phasing out treats. You can begin to do it for Dante’s recall as well.

Dog Training Session 13

  • We had a great time training today!

  • We practiced recall outside.

    • We played the recall game where I’d toss a treat for him to find and then say, “Dante, come!”

    • Every time I had him sit at my feet and make eye contact. Then, I would reward with praise, say “OK” to free him, then toss another treat.

    • This helps phase out the treats so he doesn’t expect one every time he comes. He’s also being rewarded by being freed to find another treat.

    • He came 9 out of the 10 times without any reinforcement. I had to gently pull on the leash once to get him started but he quickly ran right to me!

  • We also practiced touch. He’s really getting the hang of it!

    • Next time you practice, start at step 2 and work your way to step 3.

    • We ended our session on step 3. He consistently touched his nose to my palm while I attached the command “touch”.

  • You guys are doing awesome! Keep it up!

Dog Training Session 14

  • Dante did excellent today!

  • I took him outside to our rotation pens to practice recall.

    • He was pretty distracted but did well overall.

    • He came 7 out of the 10 times which is impressive in a new environment.

    • The three times he didn’t come, I gently pulled on the leash but once he felt the tug, he came running.

    • He struggles the most with sitting once he comes to you.

      • Please make sure to follow through every time. He should come, sit, and make eye contact before being rewarded and freed.

  • Next we practiced touch in a penthouse suite with low distractions.

    • He’s doing awesome with it!

    • By the end of the session, I was able to say “touch” with my open palm and he understood what to do!

  • Please keep practicing this for consistency. Then, we can get started with hold.

Dog Training Session 15

  • Dante was fantastic today!

  • We worked on his recall in one of our boarding hallways with dogs barking at Dante. He was able to perform recall 100%. We really focused on him sitting when he made it back to me, then giving me eye contact (which was the hard part), and finally releasing him with an “okay” so he could roam around again.

  • We also worked on touch, now on objects. This was a little harder for Dante, but he started to pick up on it towards the end of our session.

    • Use the guidelines from before, replacing your palm with a toy. It is easiest with a sticklike toy in the beginning, then we can move on to all sorts of shapes and sizes.