• Hi I’m Clyde, I am a big goofball with a huge heart!

  • I met my Dad when he came to the shelter asking for the pup who had been there the longest, that was me! Now, we have an awesome life!

  • I’m a big boy and sometimes forget how strong I am! I’m learning Basic Obedience with Club Pet Academy. Soon I will be learning and making new friends in dog daycare!

  • I love to play and have fun whenever I can!



Clyde’s Photos and Videos

Dog Training Log

Dog Training Session 1

  • Clyde did great for his first session without Dad.

  • We started by working on ignoring him when he was overexcited. This is key to teaching Clyde that he only gets treats or attention when he is calm.

  • Additionally, having Clyde wait at every door will help with his over excitement

  • We also worked on the eye contact command to help him calm down. He was so overstimulated by a person interacting with him.

  • After he was calm, we practiced his leash manners which looked absolutely fantastic!

    • Keep up the good work.

  • Finally, we worked on sit stay with Clyde

    • We want to gradually expand this time and distance.

  • Make sure to be rewarding Clyde for correct actions.