Health Benefits of Pet Ownership

Here at Club Pet Resorts, pets are our world! We understand the incredible benefits our pets provide for us and our pet parents. We make sure that our furry companions are receiving the best care and love every single day, and provided with numerous means of stimulation both mentally and physically. Our team loves to provide a nurturing atmosphere for our furry friends to thrive, and head home happy with their people.

Pets are known to provide numerous physical, social, and emotional  advantages to their people. These include incentives for physical activity, increased engagement with others when out on a walk or in public, more comfortably for those who may become anxious in social situations, and the incredible sense of calmness and connection we get by grooming them or even just snuggling on the couch.

Bonds created with pets, just like those created with humans, are shown to have a positive impact on our health. For instance, petting a dog has been shown to raise the level of oxytocin in our brain. This is the "love" or "feel-good" hormone. It has also been shown to reduce the stress hormone, cortisol. This in turn can help with anxiety, depression, and even lower heart rate and blood pressure (especially when combined with exercising our pets)!

Snuggling or walking with your pets is great for both of you! Research has shown that oxytocin levels in dogs also rise when engaging positively with them. Not that another reason is needed to snuggle with a cute pooch :)