5 Benefits of Dog Boarding That May Change Your Perspective

"Oh Riley, it's just a couple of days in doggy jail!"  I always cringe when I hear pet parents tell their dogs this when saying good-bye at drop off.  Some people think that Dog Boarding means your pet will be left alone, to cry in a "jail cell" all day.  While pets who are dropped off suddenly in a strange place may experience some stress or be anxious, there are many benefits for your dog while Boarding.

1. Exercise - When dogs play in daycare and participate in activities during their boarding stay, they usually receive MORE exercise than they do at home.  Extra points to your dog boarding facility if they have a swimming pool that's open during dog daycare!!

2. Socialization - Everyone knows that dogs are social animals.  Interacting with other dogs and people (who love dogs) helps to keep pets comfortable and happy during their stay.

3. Independence - Believe it or not, some pets NEVER spend time away from their pet parents.  This can create an over-bonded relationship, where the dog experiences separation anxiety when not with its owners.  Being around other dogs and people in an unfamiliar setting can help to build a dog's confidence while pet parents are away.  We suggest doing a few practice visits if your dog is nervous.

4. Guidance - Pet Professionals are people who dedicate their time and lives to caring for pets.  Suggestions they make, based on their experience, are valuable and can benefit your dog for the rest of their lives.

5. Relationships - Creating good relationships with familiar people outside of your house helps your dog (and you) live a happy life.  When you go out of town, neither of you worry and you can pick up a happy, healthy, and tired dog at the end of their stay.