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Dog Training

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Gracie Dog Training Sit

PLay And Train

Bringing your dog for Dog Daycare? Let us enrich their day even more with some Play and Train Sessions. This unique training program allows your dog to work with one of our trainers during their day of dog daycare. Not only will you pick up a tired dog at the end of the day, you will pick up a polite dog too. Our trainers can work on behavioral concerns, dog obedience training, trick training, and more!

Dante Dog Training

Private Training Sessions

Want a more hands on roll in your dog’s training? Receive the undivided attention of a trainer for 30 minutes. Our experienced dog training team can focus on various training skills you would like your dog to learn. Together, we can master behavioral concerns, obedience training, trick training, and more!


Bentley Dog Training

Daycare and Train/ Day Board and Train

Does your dog have a hard time socializing with other dogs? Daycare and Train may be the perfect option for your dog. Our training team will work one-on-one with your dog to help them play well with others in a group setting.

Our Day Board and Train is perfect for tiring out a dog that does not get along well with other dogs. Throughout the day, our trainers will give your dog the mental stimulation they need to wear them out.

Group Dog Training Classes

Group Dog Training Classes

Our best value for dog training! Current classes include:

Puppy Training Classes, Basic and Advanced Obedience Training, and a class entirely dedicated to Leash Manners!

All the equipment you need to get started training your dog is included in the class price (leashes, treats, clickers, and more).


Domino's Dog Training

New Paws Playtime

Did you just get a puppy? We now offer a puppy socialization class for puppies aged 4 months to 6 months. The Club Pet Academy New Paws Playtime is the perfect opportunity to ask trainers questions about your puppies habits, while they learn from others as well as wear themselves out.

Alpha's Board and Train

Dog Board and Training

Planning an upcoming vacation? This program is the most well-rounded vacation you can give your dog. Meet with our trainers to discuss your personal training goals and we will work with them during your dog’s boarding stay.

This package INCLUDES dog boarding for 1 - 4 weeks, dog daycare, and individual training during your dog’s boarding stay.

Meet Our Training Team

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Individualized Training Programs Available! Click the link below to speak with one of our trainers directly.