• My name’s Chili and I’m the boss!

  • I may look like a dog but I’m actually a howler monkey! I love to scream at the top of my lungs to get attention.

  • I really love treats…taking a finger or two with it sounds delicious too!

  • I love training! I have progressed so far since starting at Club Pet Academy.



Chili’s Photos and Videos

dog Training Report

Dog Training Session 1

  • Chili is a smart girl! She did great today!

  • We trained in a penthouse suite where there were minimal distractions.

  • We focused on sit and eye contact. She caught on quickly to sit and was good at looking me in the eyes before I said “free.”

  • We started practicing the down command in the first session. She had a little trouble with it as many small dogs do because it’s an awkward position to get into at first.

  • During her second session, we focused on down. We tried several round about ways and finally found one that she was successful with. I would like to practice with Chili more in this style before sending you home with instructions on it.

Dog Training Session 2

  • Chili did really well today! She was very attentive and loved her training.

  • We worked on her eye contact (look) and down again today.

  • Her eye contact is spectacular. Keep up the good work. Try putting your non-treat hand at your forehead. When Chili looks at it, say “Chili look”.

  • Chili is slowly getting the hang of down. We are having to learn it a bizarre way, under the legs.

Dog Training Session 3

  • We focused on down again today, as well as, come and stay

  • Chili got her first true down without having to crawl underneath anything! After that it clicked for a couple more times, then she became bored.

  • I have attached directions for down, come, and stay.

    • Mind you Chili can only handle a “stay” for about 2 seconds at this point in time.

  • I recommend focusing on “down” at home and we will work on “come” and “stay” next time.

Dog Training Session 4

  • Chili was amazing today!!!!

  • Her downs have really clicked. She now consistently goes into down from the sit position.

    • Please keep practicing! Your hard work is showing! Make sure to continue to say down as she is doing the action. She has not quite made the association between the word and the action yet.

  • We started working on Chili’s leash manners today and she really picked up on what I wanted.

    • Before you start walking, let Chili burn off some energy by chasing the other dog or playing fetch.

    • Put Chili’s harness on, instead of clipping the leash to her back, clip it to the ring at the front of the harness. This will give you more control and remove the natural pulling desire harnesses cause.

    • Begin in a low distraction environment, like the backyard without Shiner present.

    • When Chili tries to walk on the incorrect side of your body, open your body away from the direction she is going and show her a treat on the open side.

  • We also worked on her screaming. Today she screamed out of impatience. We worked on her making eye contact and relaxing, then being rewarded.

    • Make sure you are not giving into her by petting her or talking to her when she screams out of impatience.

      • We are once again removing any kind of reward for a negative behavior.

      • Then rewarding her when she has calmed down and regained focus.

  • We practiced her stay, which she is now up from a second wait to a 6 step (30 second) wait.

    • Keep gradually expanding the distance.

      • If you often find yourself saying “whoops” when she moves out of stay, you have moved on too quickly.

  • Her come was fantastic today, as well. We started in low distraction. She was able to come 100% of the time quickly.

    • We then moved on to higher distraction.

      • She was able to come with employees petting her 100% of the time at a distance of about 8 ft.

      • She was able to come in our food isle from about 20 ft away (awesome)!

Dog Training Session 5

  • Chili did okay today. She struggled a little bit at the beginning but everything clicked towards the end of the first session.

  • We started off by working on her screaming/barking. Every time she would bark at me, I would turn away and completely ignore her. When she would stop, I would look at her, make her wait a second, then give her a treat if she was still quiet.

    • If she started barking again, I would go back to ignoring her.

    • Chili has decided the best way to get what she wants is by barking and telling you. Ignoring her when she does this will tell her she does not get attention when this is happening. She does however get attention when she is calm and quiet.

    • It can be hard not to say “Chili No” or yell at her, but please refrain from doing so. Any kind of attention whether it is good or bad in our minds is still reinforcement to to Chili.

  • We then worked on Chili’s leash manners. We had to run around like maniacs to get her to focus.

  • After this she did absolutely fantastic. She had eye contact and was walking directly behind me.

    • She still has a tendency to switch sides over and over so we need to determine which side she should walk on and stick to it.

  • We reviewed her come and stay. She’s getting better.

  • At home, really focus on Chili’s stay. This will teach her patience which will once again help with the barking.

Dog Training Session 6

  • Chili did really well again today.

  • We reviewed everything again. She is still struggling with focusing outright. She needs to burn off some energy before she can truly get in the zone.

  • But after we ran a little, she had great leash manners.

  • She can now stay from over 7 steps away, which is good progress.

  • Her down, sit, and eye contact are looking fantastic with treats. Really focus on weaning her off of treats for these commands.

  • Keep practicing her basics to really get them down.

  • I have notes from our consult that we wanted to create an invisible barrier for the kitchen.

    • This requires a lot of consistency.

    • If you find Chili following you into the kitchen, turn around and take steps at her until she backs outside of the perimeter.

    • Chili is familiar with this, we have been working on it at every doorway so she does not rush through.

Dog Training Session 7

  • Chili did great today!

  • We did a long session in the afternoon so Chili was ready to get straight to work, probably already physically tired from daycare.

  • She had good leash manners from the start. She pulled a few times when she would get distracted but I would turn and walk the other direction, tell her “look” and reward her with a treat when she made eye contact. This helps keep her attention on me.

  • We practiced sit and stay. I was able to walk 10 steps away. Awesome!

    • Please keep practicing this at home.

  • We also reviewed down. Chili does it every time being lured with a treat.

    • Please keep practicing with alternating between rewarding with a treat and rewarding with praise. Also, make sure to release Chili by saying “OK” BEFORE she gets up from the down. This way she knows to stay in the down until she is freed by you.

    • Once Chili can hold a down, we’ll start working on down and stay.

  • Chili did not scream/bark at all with me! Is ignoring that behavior helping at home?

  • How is the invisible barrier around the kitchen going at home?

  • Chili’s training is coming along great. Keep up the good work!

Dog Training Session 8

  • Chili had a good long session today!

  • She was more distracted leash walking today than last week.

    • She walked at my side, making eye contact, about 60% of the time.

    • She pulled a lot when we started so we ran in circles to tire her out and keep her behind me, not ahead.

    • I rewarded her every time I turned, she followed and she made eye contact. This reminds her to pay attention to me.

    • She did switch from side to side behind me occasionally. Please try to keep her walking on your left side at all times.

  • We reviewed sit and stay.

    • She nailed sit! She sits even without treats. Please reward with praise for sit.

    • She stayed 90% of the time! At her best, I was able to walk 10 steps away for 30 seconds.

  • She’s great at down except she struggled a little to hold it. Please keep practicing this at home by saying “OK” before she gets up from the down.

  • We started place on an elevated bed today. She picked it up quickly!

    • I used a treat to lure her onto the bed, rewarded her when all four paws were on the bed, then I took a step back, said “OK” and let her get off. I repeated this multiple times to get her comfortable with the bed.

    • Once she was hopping up on the bed with ease, I asked her to sit, rewarded with a treat, then said “OK” to let her off. We repeated this multiple times.

    • We always end the session on a positive note. Today that was Chili staying on place for 10 seconds with me standing two steps away. That’s awesome for her first day!

    • A dog bed is probably easiest for her to learn on so she understands the boundary she needs to stay in but a blanket works as well.

  • Chili will continue to excel as long as you two practice at home. Keep it up!

Dog Training Session 9

  • Chili did fantastic today!

  • We started with leash manners which looked great!

    • She pulled a little when we started but quickly got into the groove when I started running in circles and rewarding when she was at my side and making eye contact.

    • She stopped 100% of the time! I had her sit every time she stopped and make eye contact before I said “let’s go” and started walking again.

    • She walked with a loose leash 80% of the time. Yay!

  • Sit looks perfect! Keep practicing sit stay.

    • Her best was 20 seconds at 7 steps away. Only a little less than last time but that’s okay, teaching impulse control is a process.

  • Please keep practicing her down stay. It’s coming along!

  • We worked on place as well. Chili is doing great with it!

    • I used a treat to get Chili onto the bed, as soon as she hopped on the bed, I said “place”. Then, I had her sit, took a step back, then said “OK” to let her off the bed. We repeated this about 10 times.

    • Chili stayed on place for 10 seconds with me walking around the bed at 1 step away, twice. That’s awesome!

    • Please practice making the association between the command and action by saying “place” AS Chili gets onto the bed, blanket, or whatever you’re using as the place area.