Summer Safety For Your Dog: Overheating

Summer is a great time to go enjoy the outdoors with your dog.  Coloradoans are known for being active, dog lovers - which means we usually are taking our pets hiking, swimming, jogging, and playing during the summer months.

Who is at risk?

Although these activities are great exercise, realize, your pet can overheat easily and quickly.  Brachycephalic dogs (dogs with short snouts) such as Boxers, Bulldogs, Shih Tzus, Boston Terriers, and Pugs are especially susceptible to overheating because their mouths are one of the major ways dogs exchange heat to cool themselves down.

What does Overheating Look Like?

One of the first outward signs of overheating is heavy panting and a thick foaming at the mouth.  Another way to see if your dog is overheating is to look at the color of their gums.  If your dog's gums seem dark red, your dog maybe going into shock and must be cooled down immediately.  Another test for overheating is taking your dog's body temperature (rectally) with a thermometer.  A temperature of 103 degrees indicates that your pet is too hot!

What Do I Do If I Think My Dog is Overheating?

DO NOT dunk your pet into a ice bath.  Just like humans, you can also cause the dog to go into shock by cooling their body too quickly.  Instead, rinse them with hose water or wrap them in wet towels.  Bring them inside if possible and be sure they have access to fresh, cool water.

How Do I Prevent Overheating?

At Club Pet Resorts, all the pets rotate to the swimming pool during daycare.  Even if your dog doesn't swim, wading in our shallow beach area will help to cool them down.  We also have sprinklers that run all over the outside play areas, so even if your dog isn't in daycare, they will get a chance to stay cool outside.  For additional safety, all of our Pet Care Professionals are trained to look for the signs of overheating and what to do if a dog gets too hot. 

We also stock retail items to entertain your dog AND keep them cool like Chilly Bones, Freeze 'n Float Toys, and Cooling Collars.  Next time you are visiting, check them out!