Pick Up a Happy Pet, Not Just a Tired One

Our Dog Daycare Philosophy

Why do you bring your dog to daycare?  To get worn out? To socialize? To have fun?

Often friends outside of work will tell me "You have the best job! You get to play with dogs all day!"  I always tell them there's more to dog daycare than meets the eye...

Dogs have a very complex social system that allows them to co-exist in groups with other dogs, however, that does not mean that all dogs like being in dog daycare - this is where the Evaluation Process comes in.

At Club Pet Resorts, we use temperament evaluations to determine which dogs are a good fit for playgroup and which dogs prefer to do individual activities.  This creates happier dogs, harmony in playgroup, and increased safety for everyone.

Like children in school, dogs should experience more than just physical activity throughout their day.  We believe dogs should spend some time playing, some time getting metal enrichment, and some time resting.  With this system, we insure your dog goes home tired, happy, and healthy at the end of the day.

How do we mentally enrich the dogs?  We play games with them!! Some examples are Group Sit, Group Recall, and Gait Wait.  These games teach the dogs a skills like impulse control and to listen to our Pet Care Pros without using physical force (they may even bring some of these skills home with them).  Every year Club Pet Resorts hosts an in-house competition for our Pet Care Pros called the Dog Daycare Games where our animal handlers compete to win prizes and show off their skills.

Watching groups of dogs is fun but it also takes work and attention. We are proud of our Pet Care Pros for being educated about working with groups of dogs - this is part of what makes them the best in the industry.  Congratulations to Savannah, Alex, Sarah, and Kendra for winning in different categories of the Dog Daycare Games!!