Educational Opportunities

Have you ever wanted to be able to communicate with your dog?  Are you interested in learning how to give animals CPR?  Well now you can! We are excited to announce that Club Pet Resorts will be opening our Animal Education Programs to the public in 2017.

For the past 3 years, we have been teaching our team members how to “speak dog” and take care of pets so that we can provide a safe environment for your furry children.  People who are trained through our system can understand and respond to pets and their individual needs. They are also faster at figuring out when something isn’t right, and know what to do to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Dog Behavior I

This class is brought to us by Sabrina Fitzherbert, Animal Behavior College Graduate, and Tiffany Estep, an industry professional of 18 years.  Topics covered are dog history and genetics, basic dog body language, approaching scared or aggressive dogs, dog group interactions, leadership techniques, how to break up dog fights safely, and much more.  By the end of this program, you will be able to not only communicate and understand your own dog better but identify dogs that are threats on walks and at the dog park and what to do to keep your dog (and yourself) safe.

The cost for this class is $150 per student and includes 3 hours of instructional training in the morning, a round table discussion at lunch time, and 3 hours of practical, in-group training with actual dogs in the afternoon.  There are only 6 spaces available for the class on November 3rd, 2017 so sign up with a Club Pet Resorts Receptionist today to reserve your spot!

First Aid and CPR

This class is brought to us by Tiffany Estep, a trained Pet-Tech Instructor.  Attendees will learn the ABCs of pet first aid, hands-on CPR, rescue breathing, choking management, bleeding protocols, restraint, muzzling, heat injuries, injury assessment, and much more.  For more information and registration for upcoming classes, visit The cost is $105 for a 5 hour class (with a lunch).  Enter "CLUBPET" at check out to receive a $15 discount.  The next First Aid Class will be held at Club Pet Resorts on October 21st, 2017.

Our program has not only impacted attendees personally but also professionally.  We often hear past attendees say that they use this knowledge as a part of their everyday lives.  Professionals such as policemen, firemen, mail carriers, sales people, tradesmen, pet sitters, and anyone that encounters unfamiliar dogs on a regular basis.  This knowledge has been proven to help everyone stay safe!