How To Prepare You Pet For A Stay At Club Pet Resorts

With Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner, a lot of our pet parents want to be as prepared as possible for their pet’s boarding stay.  Let’s be honest, there is a lot of paperwork and preparation that goes into letting someone else watch your furry children and making sure they have the best stay possible.

1.     Welcome Packet – This is your pet’s information sheets and permission slips.  Just like a school, we cannot accept pets without this.  Also, if you are a returning customer, be aware we updated our contracts in May, so if you haven’t filled out a new one since then, you can find it at the bottom of our website:

2.     Vaccinations – Just like a school, we require all furry children to be up-to-date on Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella.  We know there is a Bordetella vaccination that lasts a year but in our experience, we have found that administering the Bordetella every six months dramatically reduces the risk of contraction to your pet and all the other pets that stay with us.

3.     Food – We recommend keeping your pet on the same diet while they are staying with us.  Because of the volume of pets that will be with us during the holidays, we ask that all pet parents pre-bag their pet’s food by meal.  For example, if your pet is staying three days and your pet eats 1 cup two times a day, you would make six bags with 1 cup of food in each one. Types of bags are not important if they close completely.  We have seen everything from Ziploc bags to grocery bags to newspaper bags.

4.     Medications – We need everyone that is bringing medication to fill out a Medication form.  This can be done ahead of time and can be found in the “Pet Forms” area at the bottom of our website at We consider medication to be anything that is in liquid, pill, tablet, or powder form that will need to be administered to your pet while they are with us. Yes, this includes supplements.  Please do not add medication to your pet’s food. If it’s not important that your pet gets its medication, consider leaving it at home.

5.     Belongings – We allow you to bring anything for your pet’s suite as long as it is safe.  We do our best to keep track of everyone’s belongings, but be aware that we wash a lot of pet’s belongings during their time with us.  This means there is a chance your pet’s items could get lost.  Also, sometimes when pets are away from home, they chew up their beds and toys.  We provide elevated bed and blankets for all Elite and Deluxe Suites and toddler beds, TVs, and area rugs for all Penthouse customers.  Our suites are climate controlled for your pet’s comfort.

Doing these small steps will make a huge difference in helping to make sure your pet has a safe and fun holiday boarding experience.  We can’t wait to see all your furry children!