6 Holiday Booking Secrets

6 Holiday Pet Booking Secrets

Thanksgiving and Christmas are notorious in our industry as the busiest times of the year.  With pet care facilities selling out sooner than ever, how do you get your pet into the boarding facility of your choice?  Here are some tips from the inside:

1.)  Book Early – many pet care facilities sell out as early as late September and early October, so if you are going away for the holidays, BOOK NOW.  If your pet care facility of choice is booked or your preferred suite level is booked, make a plan B and keep reading this article.

2.)  Check Back In – While many pet care facilities start a Waitlist which can be very long, many of them go through their entire list before the holiday season trying to fill spaces for last minute cancellations.  If you are more interested and loyal than other customers, you can actually “move up” the Waitlist quite quickly.

3.)  Pull Rank – If your pet is a “regular” and spends a good amount of time (and money) at a particular pet care facility, inform the person making the reservation.  Sometimes a pet care facility will give preference to people who are really good customers.

4.)  Speak with a Manager – If your pet is well-known at a facility and the frontline people are unable to help you, ask to speak with a manager.  Sometimes the manager is more connected with you or your dog and may be able to squeeze your pet in.

5.)  Be Patient – Understand that pet care professionals WANT to take care of your pet (it’s our passion).  If we can’t fit your pet in, realize we are doing our best.  We may not physically have a safe place to keep your pet.

6.)  Be Aware – Cancel your reservation if you set one up “just in case.”  This not only helps other pet owners who are waiting for a space but it helps your pet care facility be prepared for the busy holiday.

Club Pet DIA and Parker are almost sold out for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Please call today to set up your pet’s vacation.  We wish everyone a safe and fun holiday season!