• Hi my name is Bentley and I am personality.

  • I have been coming to Club Pet Resorts for daycare for over 4 years and I love it. Everybody is my best friend!

  • I bark at everybody for attention! Club Pet Academy is helping me with this.

  • I also like to counter surf and steal treats right under people’s noses. Club Pet Academy is helping me with this as well.


Bentley Ball.png

Bentley’s Photos and Videos

Dog Training Log

Dog Training Session 1

  • I think Bentley can learn through just verbal and physical reinforcement. Without the treats it does slow training down a bit.

    • In order to reward him you will need to be actively rewarding by getting extremely excited about doing the smallest things.

  • I would like to work on Bentley’s leash manners and jumping first.

    • With the leash manners we will work on an eye contact command. This will help with the redirection and further your bond.

  • Then work our way up to come in high distraction.

    • Learning to come every time will help with his barking by way of redirection.

Dog Training Session 2

  • Today, we focused on Bentley’s leash manners. He did okay in our practice.

  • He needs a lot of over excited praise for anything he does correctly.

  • When your practicing the homework, try to be super excited and raise your voice high to praise him.

    • Sharp intakes of air help mark the moment he did something correct.

      • For example, if Bentley makes eye contact while walking, the second he looks at you draw a happy intake of breath.

Dog Training Session 3

  • We continued working on Bentley’s leash manners. He is gradually progressing.

    • We also worked on his jumping.

  • Please continue to work with him at home. He really requires lots of over exaggerated praise as a reward. Make sure to be rewarding when Bentley is directly to your side or behind.

    • Try to be as unpredictable as possible when walking; this forces his eyes on you!

  • Remember, consistency is key. Practice good leash manners every time Bentley is on leash. Always ignore jumping if you want it to discontinue.

Dog Training Session 4

  • Today during training, Bentley kept his eyes on me and had good leash manners about 75% of the time.

  • Bentley really enjoyed extra pats and physical praise along with the verbal reinforcement.

  • We worked in low and high distraction areas of the facility. Bentley was more focused in our low distraction (Minimal traffic of people/dogs walking by and quite areas). In the high distraction areas, Bentley was focused about 25% of the time.

  • At home, try to practice in the backyard or a park that isn’t very busy.

  • Remember to try to be as unpredictable as possible when walking; this forces his eyes on you!

Dog Training Session 5

  • Today we spent a good chunk of time working on Bentley’s jumping.

    • Every time you train, consistency is essential, especially to stop jumping.

    • You have to consistently ignore him when he jumps on you, no talking, no pushing, no eye contact.

    • When he has calmed down and all four feet are on the floor, then you can pet him. If he reverts back to jumping, repeat.

  • We also worked on his leash manners in a slightly higher distraction level. His attention level was still at about 25%. We’ll continue working on this, looking for his loose leash and eye contact.

Dog Training Session 6

  • Bentley was fabulous today!!! Everything has really started to click!

  • We are consistently working on his jumping by ignoring him each session and he is starting to realize he gets pets the quicker he calms down.

    • In the past it has taken him about a minute to stop jumping, then when going to pet him, he starts jumping again.

    • Today, he jumped three times then all feet were on the floor. I gave him some love and he did not jump after. This is perfect progress!

  • I can really tell you were able to work on everything with him. It’s showing!

  • We also worked in a medium/high distraction level and he was fabulous. His eyes were on me about 60% of the time and he was walking on a loose leash 90% of the time.

    • Keep practicing at home, the progress is showing!

Dog Training Session 7

  • Today, we practiced coming in to the lobby smoothly.

  • He had a loose leash and eye contact from the daycare room to the outdoors.

    • When we got to the front of the building, things changed. He became extremely distracted and over excited. I got to see more of your side of Bentley.

  • We practiced the circles to get his loose leash. After we were walking smoothly, we entered the building. He became excited by all the toys and treats, so we continued the cycle of circles.

    • To really gain his attention, I had to suddenly jump at him then say good job and reward him when he gave me the eye contact.

  • Please practice this if you have time before entering for daycare. If you are consistent, he will learn to come in calm and collected.

  • We also had a customer come in while we were practicing and he did bark at them.

    • I was able to redirect him very quickly with a kissy sound. The second he looked at me, I did a big reward verbally and physically.

Dog Training Session 8

  • We practiced the same way as last time.

  • He is still very distracted when outside and coming into the lobby.

  • We will continue working on this until he becomes more fluid and calm with the action.

  • Another way we tried to get his attention in the extremely distracting places was through side steps toward him. He would get confused and look up at me. When this would happen, I would mark the eye contact with a “yes”.

Dog Training Session 9

  • Bentley is staying with us for his first board and train.

  • We practiced leash manners for about 20 minutes today

  • Bentley had eyes on and walked well (with only verbal reinforcement) about 10% of the time. This was also after 6 hours of DC and a 20 minute OFW.

  • We need to make sure we are practicing at home to create consistency when walking on leash. I do think using treats/food will help to get and keep his eyes on/attention on the human until he is conditioned to do so.

Dog Training Session 10

  • Bentley is having a hard time with his training this stay.

  • On ½ we focused on his jumping mainly. He was slowly understanding that he needed to have all four feet on the floor to get attention.

  • On ⅓ we focused on Bentley’s walking manners. We had to go all the way back to step one in the beginning hallway. He is extremely distracted and anxious.

Dog Training Session 11

  • Bentley struggled today but did better than his sessions during his last stay. I think he got out of the swing of things.

  • It took about two minutes of ignoring his jumping to get all four feet on the floor.

  • Bentley was distracted to start, so we started in a low distraction hallway. I was able to gain his eye contact more throughout the session. He needed a little exercise before starting loose leash walking, so we ran back and forth.

  • When he would lose attention, I would side step towards him to get his attention again. He picked up on this easily and started to walk with a loose leash.

  • I really recommend practicing loose leash walking daily for 5 minutes (in the yard is fine). Also, continue ignoring Bentley’s jumping. Remember to reward Bentley with extreme praise and petting. Doing this consistently will get you the results you’re looking for.

Dog Training Session 12

  • Bentley was spectacular today.

  • He had a loose leash about 97% and eyes on me about 80%.

  • The treats really helped motivate him.

    • Please bring them for the next couple sessions.

    • I broke them up so he only got small pieces at a time.

  • We worked by alternating treats and praise every other time as a reward for Bentley.

    • He was walking very politely this time.

  • We also worked on a new command for Bentley that I think will help him refocus when his attention is completely gone.

  • Please use treats when working on his leash manners and eye contact at home until we really have the association down.

    • If he continues to behave the way he did today, we can begin working on his barking/reactivity to people.

      • This requires you to be present for the most part, so we can do some private sessions if that is something that you are interested in.

Dog Training Session 13

  • Bentley did so well today!

  • Using treats and praise (alternating), he had eye on my 80% of the time, even in high distraction areas like the lobby. He walked loose on leash about 95% of the time. YAY!

    • I also made sure to cut the treats into smaller pieces

  • We practiced look briefly but, he will get it in no time!

  • Please use treats when working on his leash manners and eye contact at home until we really have the association down.

Dog Training Session 14

  • Bentley trained with Amanda, one of the assistant trainers, and did great today!

  • I rewarded him with treats and praise (alternating) and his motivation was up. Yay!

  • We started with look in a low distraction hallway so I could get his focus on me. He made eye contact every time!

  • I was impressed by how nicely he waited in every doorway for me. I asked him to “sit” about a step back from the doorway then said “look” and once he made eye contact, I said “okay” to let him through. This is his way of asking you for permission!

  • He walked with a loose leash 95% of the time. The only time he pulled was when we were in the lobby and he wanted to greet a dog or raid our treat display (haha!). He responded to me making kissy noises and walking the opposite direction.

  • He did bark at two dogs in the lobby but quickly redirected when I said “Bentley, look” and praised him.

    • Please keep practicing look at home.

  • He made eye contact with me while walking about 75% of the time.

    • Please reward him when he is walking with a loose leash and making eye contact.

Dog Training Session 15

  • Today we focused on Bentley’s reactivity (barking) towards people and other dogs. We also worked on his treat stealing in the lobby.

  • He did very well with both of these.

  • I’ve attached a video of Bentley leaving the treats alone. We worked on redirecting his attention to me with the look command, which was very effective.

  • I really recommend when you come to pick Bentley up, come up to the double doors to grab Bentley. Have treats at the ready to redirect Bentley’s attention towards you when walking passed the treats or someone you think he will bark at.

    • To do this, show Bentley you have the treat and have him follow it up to your face, breaking his eye contact on the treats or whatever he will bark at.

      • He will then focus on you for at least a couple seconds. You can extend the amount of time he looks at you the better he gets.

Dog Training Session 16

  • Bentley was awesome today!

  • We focused on his barking in the lobby as well as stealing treats.

  • He started reacting (barking) at the cats he saw through the window. I used it as the perfect training scenario. The first couple times we walked by, he would jump at the window and bark. I called him away from the window by saying, “Bentley, come,” gently pulling him towards me if he was still fixated on the cats, then I had him sit at my feet and said, “look” so his attention would stay on me.

    • We did this multiple times until we were able to walk back and forth next to the cats without barking. While walking, if I saw him look at the cats, I would say “look” and reward with a treat when he made eye contact with me.

  • We also practiced walking by the treat bowl on the counter. Bentley didn’t jump up at all! He eyed the treats at first but I said “look” as we walked passed and Bentley followed.

    • Please keep practicing this at pick up!

Dog Training Session 17

  • Bentley was a very good boy today!

  • We continued to focus on his barking at people or other dogs in the lobby, as well as stealing treats.

    • This morning at check in, Bentley was barking and rearing up at a woman checking her dog in.

    • We recreated the situation using Club Pet employees

      • Bentley was reactive by barking and pulling. I redirected Bentley using treats and calling his name. Once I had his attention, I asked him to sit and “look”. Once I received his eye contact, I rewarded with reassuring pets and we walked away.

      • After a break, we recreated the scenario again, but having him walk towards the person. Using treats and look we were able to get about 4 feet close to the person without him reacting. When he wouldn’t react, I would give him one small treat with reassuring pets!

    • Until we have worked with Bentley more on this, set him up for success. Try to be aware of people/dogs in your path and avoid walking past them or take an alternate route.

    • If you do and Bentley reacts, stay calm and redirect him towards you. Try to get his eyes on you, then continue walking once you both are calm and focused.  

  • We hung out near the cattery windows and Bentley did not react! YAY! He would look at the cats and look at me, totally relaxed and uninterested in them.

  • We practiced walking by the treat bowl on the counter. Bentley jumped ⅔ times in the beginning, but after a few refreshers on look he walked right past them, even with a receptionist walking him past the treat bowl and no treats present!

    • Please keep practicing this at pick up!

Dog Training Session 18

  • Bentley did really well today. Right off the bat, his treats fell on the floor and scattered. He did really well leaving them when I told him to. He even walked among the treats and left them.

  • We focused on his leash reactivity and eye contact for the rest of the time.

  • He barked twice at a couple customers in the lobby. I was easily able to redirect him by making a kissy sound putting the treat in front of his face and walking the opposite direction. He received the treat when he stopped barking and had to focus on me.

  • We walked back towards the same people and repeated the scenario, he barked once and quickly redirected.

  • The next time we walked towards them, he did a small breathy bark but looked at me while he did it! This means he was looking to me to tell him whether to continue barking or if the situation was okay. I immediately gave him a big reward (a couple treats and lots of physical and verbal praise).

  • After this, we worked on his treat grabbing from the counter. He only tried once then looked to me when walking passed.

  • We then focused on his eye contact with one of the other trainers talking to him. This was soooo hard for him, he just wanted to say hello. I would do anything from tapping his bottom to making kissy noises to get his attention. When he would look at me big reward. He became better and better with this the more we practiced and was eventually able to look at me with the command look.

Dog Training Session 19

  • Bentley struggled a little bit today. I could tell he got a little out of the swing of things since his last session 2 weeks ago.

  • We focused on Bentley’s reactivity in the lobby. I had one of the receptionists come in the front door rattling keys to mimic a dog’s tags rattling. This set him off and he was able to be redirected after a couple of seconds.

  • Then a customer came in. He reacted a lot to her. I was able to gather his attention drawing a treat in front of his face (he received the treat when he looked at me), then lost him again. We just kept repeating this process again and again until he calmed down and stopped barking.

  • At home, please really focus on the eye contact command. This is essential to break Bentley’s focus on whatever is causing him to react.

  • Bentley did ignore the treats on the bar today! I heard he did for you as well this morning. Keep counter conditioning him! He won’t pay the treats on the bar any attention, he will only focus on you!

Dog Training Session 20

  • Bentley was awesome today!

  • We started by practicing his leash manners and eye contact (look). They were spot on!

  • Then, we worked on his leash reactivity in the lobby.

    • One of our other trainers walked in the front door to see if he would react. At first, he kept his eyes on me and didn’t react at all! When she stood in the middle of the lobby, he barked once but I redirected him, said “look”, and he responded immediately!

  • He reacted more at a man in the lobby but again, redirected quickly!

    • We were able to walk past the man and Bentley kept his eyes on me the whole time!

  • Please keep practicing “look”. Bentley is showing great progress!

Dog Training Session 21

  • Bentley did fantastic today, not a single bark!

  • We started by working on his door waits, eye contact, and leash manners.

    • Bentley is fantastic at these.

  • When a customer with two crazy dogs came in, I was able to redirect Bentley with a treat without him barking. Then every subsequent time get his eye contact.

    • We were able to walk within 5 ft of the other person and dogs with his eyes on me the entire time!

  • I still recommend practicing the eye contact command, trying to get into more distracting environments, even if it is practicing while your husband cooks in the kitchen.

Dog Training Session 22

  • Bentley did well today!

  • We reviewed leash manners, eye contact and door waits. Bentley did all three perfectly!

  • We worked in the lobby where there were a few customers and one puppy. Bentley didn’t react at all!

    • A few times he showed interest in a person by staring at them and his focus wasn’t on me so I checked in with him by saying “look” and he redirected immediately.

    • We walked all around the lobby and I rewarded Bentley every time he looked up at me.

  • We walked passed the milk bones on the counter five times and he didn’t jump once!

  • Any time Bentley is focused on something, someone, another dog, etc. check in with him by saying “look.” Reward when he holds eye contact for a few seconds.

Dog Training Session 23

  • Bentley did very well today.

  • We worked on his leash reactivity as usual.

  • He only reacted once, to a child jumping off the barstool in the lobby. He did very well with the other people and dogs in the lobby.

  • We continuously worked on his look command which is looking great!

    • I added a hand motion that may help you with Bentley’s redirection since he gets so in the zone.

  • We used a squirrel for one of his distractions today. We used the same process of redirection with the eye contact to draw him away from the squirrel.

    • He became fascinated and would not look for the command, so we walked slightly. The second he looked back at me, I said “yes”, rewarded and he completely forgot about the squirrel.

Dog Training Session 24

  • Bentley did fantastic today!

  • We worked on his leash manners and eye contact around people.

  • His leash manners are looking great. He only really pulls when you go through doorways and when he is super interested in something.

  • His eye contact with a treat present is looking great. I really want to challenge him and get him to the point where he just knows to make eye contact when you say the command look.

    • I was holding the treat away from my body in the air, so I could really tell when Bentley made eye contact. I would mark it with a “yes” and say “look” immediately after.

Dog Training Session 25

  • Bentley did great today!

  • We trained in the lobby, practicing leash manners and eye contact.

  • His leash manners were good.

  • He occasionally pulled towards treats or people.

    • Whenever he pulled, I said “whoops” and made circles turning away from him.

  • Bentley understands look well!

    • He looked 70% of the time.

    • I focused on getting him to look and hold eye contact while walking passed the things he was interested in (people, treats, etc.)

  • We started the leave it command.

    • This is useful for stopping Bentley from touching, eating, etc. anything he’s not supposed to.