THe "SPAW" at club pet resorts DIA

Now offering grooming services for dogs and cats that will leave your pet happy, healthy, and clean!   

Baths start at $30 and include shampoo of choice, luxurious conditioner, blow drying, brushing, nail clip and smoothing, ear cleaning, scent spritz, and seasonal bandanna.  

Grooms start at $45 and include everything that our baths include but also come with a customized haircut.

Nail Trims are $15 and always include smoothing out with our nail-rounding tool (as long as your pet is okay with it)

*NEW* Add-on services

Add 2 services and get 10% off the total groom price, add 3 services and get 15% off the total groom price, add 4 services and get 20% off the total groom price

Furminator $15

Flea & Tick Bath $12

Skunk Bath $12

Paw Scooping $8

Tear Stain Treatment $8

Feet, Face and Sanitary Trim $15

Paw Balm $5

Gland Expression $10

Teeth brushing $5

Blue Berry Facial $10

Nail Polish $5

Message $15

Bows $3