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We offer our feline friends spacious suites with fish tank viewing, room service, and housekeeping as well as time in the Sunny Cat Playroom. Our Penthouse suites offer a tuna or catnip treat as well as an in-suite webcam.



Cattery Penthouse Suite

$28/Day ($23/ Day Additional Cat In Same Suite)

  • Spacious Window Suite
  • Sunny Cat Playroom 
  • Fish Tank Viewing 
  • In-Suite Web Cameras
  • Tuna Treat or Crazy Catnip

Cattery deluxe suite

$18/Day ($13/Day Additional Cat in Same Suite)

  • Sunny Cat Playroom
  • Fish Tank Viewing

Ala carte Options

  • Crazy Catnip $3
  • Tuna Treat $3
  • Cuddle Time $15

* 10% discount offered for airline, military, medical, & public service personnel