Denver INternational AIrport

dog Boarding

Tailor your dog's boarding experience to their individual needs.  We offer three different dog room options, so you can pick what best fits your dog best.  Every boarding suite is outfitted with a plush blanket, a bed or a cot, and water at all times.  We also allow pet parents to bring personal items (as long as it's safe) so your dog can feel at home during their boarding stay.

Penthouse Suite

The Penthouse Dog Boarding Suite is large and luxurious.  It comes with all the bells and whistles for pets that need extra care and attention.  These suites are also a great option for shy or nervous dogs because they are quiet and provide a low-stress boarding experience.  Penthouse Suites are 8' by 12' and come furnished with an in-suite web camerareal bed, cozy floor rug, flat-screen TV, and water service at all times.  Your dog will also maximize their time out of their room with 6 hours of Doggy Day Care (can be substituted), an Outdoor Field Walk and a Moonlight Outing Exercise.  During their down-time, our Penthouse pets enjoy picking treats from our complementary "mini-bar" treats and peanut butter Kong.  While your pet is relaxing, you can park your car in our secured parking lot and take our airport shuttle 24 hours/Day.  Each Penthouse stay also comes with a departure bath so your pet comes home clean and happy.

$95/Day ($70/Day Additional Dogs In Same Suite)

Elite Suite

The Elite Dog Boarding Suite is the most popular suite option. Boasting large, spacious suites, it is ideal for multi-dog families.  These suites are 6' by 10' - large enough to accommodate two giant dogs comfortably.  This suite option also come with 6 hours of Doggy Day Care and a complementary Moonlight Outing Exercise.  All of our Elite Suites are furnished with an in-suite web camera, elevated cot, plush blanket, and water service at all times.  

$65/Day ($50/ Day Additional Dogs In Same Suite)

Deluxe Suite

Our Deluxe Dog Boarding Suites allow you to customize your dog's stay at a reasonable rate.  Suites are 5' by 8' and can easily fit multiple smaller dogs or one or two large dogs.  These suites come with four outdoor, individual play times for your dog.  You can also add any activity one day or every day depending on your dog's needs.  Each of our Deluxe Dog Suites are furnished with an elevated cot, plush blanket, and water service at all times. 

$30/ Day ($25 Additional Dogs In Same Suite) 

HAve a dog that doesn't play in daycare? no problem!

All of our dog boarding vacations can be tailored to your dog's individual needs and preferences.  With our Elite and Penthouse dog boarding suites, you can substitute up to 2 individual activities for a Full Day of Dog Daycare.

**Please note**  We are happy to be here for you and your pet 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  The first day begins at midnight and goes until 1 pm the next day.  Pets that are not picked up by 1 pm are billed for an additional day of boarding.  Dogs cannot check out of boarding and into daycare on the last day unless they have a daycare package.

Ala carte Activity options

dog day care With Dog Boarding

  • 1/2 Day Daycare w/Pool $12                                            
  • Full Day Daycare w/Pool $20

INdividual activities

  • Individual Play Time $15
  • Outdoor Field Walk $15
  • Cuddle Time $15
  • Moonlight Outing $10

Treat options

  • Holiday Meals $5
  • Mini Bar (Assorted Treats) $10
  • Peanut Butter Kong $4
  • Frozen Peanut Butter Kong $4
  • Homemade Frosty Paws $4

dogs with Medical Needs

We specialize in providing the safest care for pets with special needs.  Our experienced staff can administer medications, including medications that need to be injected or administered at specific times.  For your pet's safety, our Pet Care Pros are also trained in Dog Body Language and Pet First Aid and CPR.

  • Medication Administration $2/Day (Up to 2 Medications)
  • 3 or More Medications/Medical Monitoring $5/Day