• Hi, my name’s Archer. I like saying “hello” to everyone and everything!

  • I give very slimy kisses and love treats.

  • My favorite pass time is counter surfing, squeaking my hedgehog and playing with my new kitty.

  • I’ve become a pro at “come”, “leave it”, loose leash manners, and eye contact.


Archer Dog Training Photo

Training Log

Session 1

  • He was spectacular! We worked on leave it today and he got the hang of it right away.

  • When I wanted him to leave it I said “Uh-uh” and he picked up on this quick.

Session 3

  • We worked on “come” again today, but this time in places of high distraction. We worked outside with squirrels as distraction and in our food hallway.

  • He did great with both of these spaces. We also started to phase out the treat.

  • Please continue to practice at home based off the information given yesterday.

  • Timing is very important make sure to follow the model: kissy sound (or some other interesting movement/sound) →  eye contact = “yes” → Archer moves toward you = “come” → praise!

Session 4

  • We worked on high distraction “come” again today.

    • Go ahead and start practicing by alternating praise. Start with a 2:1 ratio. Be random so he does not know which time the treat will be rewarded.

  • I started teaching Archer an eye contact command. This will be useful when Archer gets so focused on the cats. I would like to practice with him for one more session here before sending you home with it.

Session 5

  • We focused on the “look” command today. Archer really got the hang of it by the end.

  • This command will allow us to gain Archer’s attention starting in low distraction spaces and working our way up to the most intense (the cats).

  • For now please practice in a low distraction space.

Session 6

  • We practiced more high distraction “come” and eye contact today.

  • Keep up the good work! He was doing absolutely spectacular with the eye contact.

  • I want you to continue practicing the eye contact command, but now add time before giving him the treat.

    • Have him look at you but wait one second before giving him the treat. Only give him the treat if he is still looking at you.

      • If he looks away say “whoops” and begin again.

    • If he does well with 1 second several times, move on to 2 seconds and so on.

      • If you find yourself saying “whoops” 2-3 times in a row, you have moved the time up too quickly, go back a second.

    • The goal for this round of homework is to have him make eye contact for 30 seconds.

  • Please continue in a minimal distraction environment. Continue working away from the cats. If he continues to do well, next time we will begin adding the cats into the equation.

Session 7

  • He did great, as always. We worked on eye contact with the distraction of the lobby cats.

  • We really focused on redirecting his attention from the cats. He struggled but definitely made progress.

  • At home, please have Archer on a leash and treats at hand. Bring one of the more docile cats near him and gain Archer’s eye contact.

    • You may have to completely revert to the beginning of the “look” command. That is completely understandable.

    • If you cannot break Archer’s eye contact from the cat, move the cat further away. If you still cannot gain his attention remove the cat and continue working on “look” without the cat.

  • We also worked on phasing out treats. He does really well with a treat in sight. Only practice phasing out the treat in a 2 to 1 ratio in low distraction environments.

    • Phasing out the treat:

      • Start by rewarding with the treat for a correct response, the next time just verbally and physically praise. Rotate between the two reward options.

      • Gradually move on to a 3 to 1 ratio. Every third correct response he gets a treat. All other correct responses are verbal and physical praise.

Session 8

  • Today, we focused solely on leash manners training. Archer was walking like a pro!

  • As we discussed last time, I sized a gentle leader for Archer.

  • It is important that Archer stay comfortable with the gentle leader and willing to put his nose through it!

  • Please follow the highlighted portions of the homework closely!

  • Remember our goal is to have a loose leash and Archer walk slightly behind or directly to the left.

    • Please continue to reward him for any correct action with treats.

Session 9

  • We continued working on “look” while phasing out treats. We upped the distraction level to working by our door to cats.

    • From here he could smell and hear the cats, so he was very interested.

  • I was able to get his attention probably 75% of the time using the treats and verbal/physical praise every other time.

    • This is great!!!

  • I’d like to continue working with him on loose leash walking with the gentle leader. Next time, please bring it in and leave it with reception when you drop Archer off for daycare.

Session 10

  • Awesome, Awesome, Awesome! Archer was amazing today. He had a perfect loose leash. Perfect eye contact with a cat running around. All together perfect day.

    • 100% percent eye contact when walking on leash!

  • Keep practicing everything we have gone over!

Session 11

  • Today we worked on Archer’s leash manners on a full walk outside.

    • He was distracted at first, after a couple circles he got his loose leash to perfection. He had eye contact about 30% of the time.

    • We will continue working on this for next time.

  • How is his walking looking at home?

Session 12

  • Archer did an awesome job today!

  • We focused on “leave it” which may help with his counter surfing. We set up a scenario with treats on the edge of the table. He was interested only momentarily before doing an excellent job of leaving the treats alone.

  • In order to help with his counter surfing at home, I recommend creating an invisible barrier around the kitchen. Use your body to block Archer from entering the kitchen, when he approaches, step towards him so he backs up, do this surrounding your kitchen wherever Archer tries to enter.

    • Consistency is key. Archer is not allowed in the kitchen ever.

  • Another option is to set a trap and catch him in the act. Lay out things on the counter that would make noise if he takes it, act like you’re leaving the house, and wait at the door listening. Reprimand him WHILE in the act.

  • To help with his begging, I suggest the “place” command. We can try this next time if you’re interested.