• Hi, my name’s Archer. I like saying “hello” to everyone and everything!

  • I give very slimy kisses and love treats.

  • My favorite pass time is counter surfing, squeaking my hedgehog and playing with my new kitty.

  • I’ve become a pro at come, leave it, loose leash manners, and eye contact.


Archer Dog Training Photo

Archer’s Photos and Videos

Dog Training Log

Dog Training Session 1

  • He was spectacular! We worked on leave it today and he got the hang of it right away.

  • When I wanted him to leave it I said Uh-uh and he picked up on this quick.

Dog Training Session 3

  • We worked on come again today, but this time in places of high distraction. We worked outside with squirrels as distraction and in our food hallway.

  • He did great with both of these spaces. We also started to phase out the treat.

  • Please continue to practice at home based off the information given yesterday.

  • Timing is very important make sure to follow the model: kissy sound (or some other interesting movement/sound) →  eye contact = “yes” → Archer moves toward you = “come” → praise!

Dog Training Session 4

  • We worked on high distraction come again today.

    • Go ahead and start practicing by alternating praise. Start with a 2:1 ratio. Be random so he does not know which time the treat will be rewarded.

  • I started teaching Archer an eye contact command. This will be useful when Archer gets so focused on the cats. I would like to practice with him for one more session here before sending you home with it.

Dog Training Session 5

  • We focused on the look command today. Archer really got the hang of it by the end.

  • This command will allow us to gain Archer’s attention starting in low distraction spaces and working our way up to the most intense (the cats).

  • For now please practice in a low distraction space.

Dog Training Session 6

  • We practiced more high distraction come and eye contact today.

  • Keep up the good work! He was doing absolutely spectacular with the eye contact.

  • I want you to continue practicing the eye contact command, but now add time before giving him the treat.

    • Have him look at you but wait one second before giving him the treat. Only give him the treat if he is still looking at you.

      • If he looks away say “whoops” and begin again.

    • If he does well with 1 second several times, move on to 2 seconds and so on.

      • If you find yourself saying “whoops” 2-3 times in a row, you have moved the time up too quickly, go back a second.

    • The goal for this round of homework is to have him make eye contact for 30 seconds.

  • Please continue in a minimal distraction environment. Continue working away from the cats. If he continues to do well, next time we will begin adding the cats into the equation.

Dog Training Session 7

  • He did great, as always. We worked on eye contact with the distraction of the lobby cats.

  • We really focused on redirecting his attention from the cats. He struggled but definitely made progress.

  • At home, please have Archer on a leash and treats at hand. Bring one of the more docile cats near him and gain Archer’s eye contact.

    • You may have to completely revert to the beginning of the look command. That is completely understandable.

    • If you cannot break Archer’s eye contact from the cat, move the cat further away. If you still cannot gain his attention remove the cat and continue working on look without the cat.

  • We also worked on phasing out treats. He does really well with a treat in sight. Only practice phasing out the treat in a 2 to 1 ratio in low distraction environments.

    • Phasing out the treat:

      • Start by rewarding with the treat for a correct response, the next time just verbally and physically praise. Rotate between the two reward options.

      • Gradually move on to a 3 to 1 ratio. Every third correct response he gets a treat. All other correct responses are verbal and physical praise.

Dog Training Session 8

  • Today, we focused solely on leash manners training. Archer was walking like a pro!

  • As we discussed last time, I sized a gentle leader for Archer.

  • It is important that Archer stay comfortable with the gentle leader and willing to put his nose through it!

  • Please follow the highlighted portions of the homework closely!

  • Remember our goal is to have a loose leash and Archer walk slightly behind or directly to the left.

    • Please continue to reward him for any correct action with treats.

Dog Training Session 9

  • We continued working on look while phasing out treats. We upped the distraction level to working by our door to cats.

    • From here he could smell and hear the cats, so he was very interested.

  • I was able to get his attention probably 75% of the time using the treats and verbal/physical praise every other time.

    • This is great!!!

  • I’d like to continue working with him on loose leash walking with the gentle leader. Next time, please bring it in and leave it with reception when you drop Archer off for daycare.

Dog Training Session 10

  • Awesome, Awesome, Awesome! Archer was amazing today. He had a perfect loose leash. Perfect eye contact with a cat running around. All together perfect day.

    • 100% percent eye contact when walking on leash!

  • Keep practicing everything we have gone over!

Dog Training Session 11

  • Today we worked on Archer’s leash manners on a full walk outside.

    • He was distracted at first, after a couple circles he got his loose leash to perfection. He had eye contact about 30% of the time.

    • We will continue working on this for next time.

  • How is his walking looking at home?

Dog Training Session 12

  • Archer did an awesome job today!

  • We focused on leave it which may help with his counter surfing. We set up a scenario with treats on the edge of the table. He was interested only momentarily before doing an excellent job of leaving the treats alone.

  • In order to help with his counter surfing at home, I recommend creating an invisible barrier around the kitchen. Use your body to block Archer from entering the kitchen, when he approaches, step towards him so he backs up, do this surrounding your kitchen wherever Archer tries to enter.

    • Consistency is key. Archer is not allowed in the kitchen ever.

  • Another option is to set a trap and catch him in the act. Lay out things on the counter that would make noise if he takes it, act like you’re leaving the house, and wait at the door listening. Reprimand him WHILE in the act.

  • To help with his begging, I suggest the place command. We can try this next time if you’re interested.

Dog Training Session 13

  • Archer had another fabulous day. We worked on his leash manners on the gentle leader and his come.

  • He did great with the gentle leader. He is definitely ready to be walked on it at home. Just make sure to reward him with treats or verbally when he looks at you and walks slightly behind or directly to the left.

  • As we discussed, we worked more on his come. He is still looking great for me, I would love to do a private session to see where you guys are with it.

Dog Training Session 14

  • Archer was awesome in training today!

  • We practiced his leash walking with his gentle leader on in high distraction areas around daycare. He did extremely well! He walks at my side 90% of the time, only occasionally drifting away when I would turn and walk the opposite direction. To help with this, I would hold a treat at my side, say look so he knows to pay attention to me and then give the treat as I turned and he followed. He followed the treat every time!

    • Please keep rewarding him with treats when he’s walking behind or at your left side and making eye contact.

  • We focused heavily on come especially around daycare where there’s a lot of distractions. I would let him go up to the gate to greet his friends and while he’s distracted, say come. He came to me on command consistently!

Dog Training Session 15

  • Archer was great, as usual, today.

  • We worked on Archer’s leash manners moving from location to location where we worked on his come.

  • First, we started in the lobby, I had Archer make eye contact with me with lots of dogs present.

  • We then worked on his come (Archer was attached to the long leash to reinforce the action) with another training dog barking and wanting to play with him. Archer was able to come 100% of the time with total eye contact.

  • We then moved outside to the potty yards, I would let Archer wonder away. When I was ready for him to come, I would say “Archer”, get his attention, as he was doing the action, I would say “come”.

    • I noticed Archer had a harder time with this, he had minimal eye contact and really wanted to investigate everything.

  • I think this is applicable to your issues with Archer not wanting to come at home. When Archer goes outside, have him attached to a long leash. When you say “Archer”, he should look at you, if he does not, start gently pulling him in. If you gather his attention during the process, reward him!

    • Really work on Archer sitting when he comes to you and reinforce it with lots of treats.

    • You have to be more interesting than the dog on the other side of the fence, i.e. have some very tasty food (like chicken) waiting for Archer when he does come.

Dog Training Session 16

  • Another great session with Archer today!

  • Our main focus was come. We practiced his leash manners with his gentle leader while walking to different locations.

  • We started outside the play yards where dogs were playing on the other side of the fence. Archer came to me every time!

  • He also makes AMAZING eye contact. I rarely have to ask him to look while walking because he already does. Every time he sits, he makes eye contact. I’m impressed!

    • Keep practicing this regularly. Even if you’re just sitting on the couch watching TV, say look to check in with Archer (don’t forget to reward!)

  • Then, we went to the employee parking lot since it’s a new, distracting area for Archer.

    • He struggled here a little more because of the distractions but quickly caught on.

    • He came to me 80% of the time when called. When he didn’t come, I’d pull gently on the leash and as soon as he felt it, he turned around and started coming towards me. I would get super excited and cheer him on all the way until he was sitting at my feet, then gave him the reward.

Dog Training Session 17

  • I love working with Archer! We always have fun and he always impresses me!

  • We practiced recall (come) in high distraction areas. He came to me every time outside daycare even with dogs on the other side of the fence!

  • When we practiced in the back near the potty pens, I had to pull gently on Archer’s leash in order to get him to come. As soon as he turned towards me, I praised him until he sat at my feet, then rewarded him with a treat. Once I did this a couple times, he started coming to me consistently!

  • We also practiced leave it. He’s a pro! I was even able to have him sit and throw treats around him without him breaking his sit!

  • Keep practicing at home (especially in the backyard)! Please let us know if there’s anything specific you want us to focus on. Otherwise, we will continue reviewing all of Archer’s basic obedience commands.

Dog Training Session 18

  • Archer did such a great job today! He’s such a smart boy.

  • From last week, we continued working on recall. Archer recalled 100% of the time in low distraction areas of the building with and without treats present.

    • We moved up  to a higher distraction area, outside and he recalled about 70% of the time. There were lots of new smells and noises, but with more practice Archer will be recalling like a pro!

  • We did a few leave it exercises and he is the BEST!

  • We also practiced leash manners on the gentle leader outside as well. He walked calmly and loose on the leash with lots of eye contact about 95% of the time with some pulling due to being curious.

Dog Training Session 19

  • Archer did awesome as always!

  • We went straight to the rotation pens where many dogs were outside to work on recall (come) in a high distraction area.

    • He came about 60% of the time. The other 40% he needed guidance, gently pulling on the leash but once he turned toward me, he came running!

    • A few times he tried to run past me instead of sitting in front of me. I stepped in front of him and told him to sit. A couple times he didn’t sit on first command because he was more interested in the other dogs but I followed through which is so important in order for Archer’s training to progress!

  • Archer’s leash walking was perfect! Even highly distracted, he never pulled. He made eye contact 90% of the time.

Dog Training Session 20

  • Archer was awesome as always today!

  • I worked with Archer on come in indoor daycare cutoff.

  • We started with minimal treats at first, then completely removed them.

    • He came 100% of the time 100% of the way at a good speed.

  • I then completely removed his harness and long leash.

    • He came 100% of the time 100% of the way at a good speed.

    • He only had one time where the dogs on the other side of the fence were more interesting. So, I made myself more interesting by jumping and acting playful. He immediately ran over and wanted butt scratches and to play.

Dog Training Session 21

  • Today was the first time Archer acted fence reactive with another dog.

    • I finally got to see him in action and work with him.

  • We started off practicing the same situation as yesterday. Archer started off on a long leash and was allowed to investigate the other dogs. When I was ready, I call his name and say “Archer come”.

    • He came 100% of the time.

    • I removed the leash and treats gradually and had the same positive ending.

  • We then worked our way to the outdoor potty pins. There were about 5 dogs fence fighting, the perfect space to see Archer in action.

    • He took the bate and began fence fighting.

    • I called his name, he did not respond. Since I had the long leash on him, I was able to gently pull him to me. When he reached me, I gave him a treat when he was not barking, focused on me, and seated.

    • When I was ready for him to go back, I would release him with the “okay” command.

    • We just repeated this over and over. He got better the more times we worked on it. We will try to focus on this again next time if we have fence fighting dogs.

Dog Training Session 22

  • We focused on Archer’s fence reactivity again today and he did great!

  • We went straight to the outside potty pens where dogs were. Archer immediately started fence fighting with another dog. I said “Archer, come!” He blew me off and continued fighting until I gently pulled him on his gentle leader. As soon as he felt the tug, he came running to me, sat, and made eye contact. I had him sit at my feet for a few seconds then rewarded with a treat and freed him.

  • I let him go up to the same fence fighting dog but this time when I said “Archer, come!” he responded instantly!

    • We repeated this multiple times and Archer came 100% of the time. Eventually, he became completely disinterested in the dog he had been fence fighting with, walked at my side and made eye contact 100% of the time. I rewarded him with treats and A LOT of praise!

  • I noticed today that when I put the gentle leader on, Archer goes into “work mode” meaning he knows we’re about to train so his attention is on me and he responds to commands quickly. I suggest using Archer’s gentle leader for all his training sessions especially for recall (on a long leash) in the backyard.

  • Archer needs reinforcement and follow through but he always catches on quickly and ends his session on an excellent note! Keep up the great work!

Dog Training Session 23

  • Archer and I struggled together a little bit today. He seemed tired and disinterested in training and me :(

  • I took him to the outside potty pens to work on his leash reactivity.

    • He greeted one dog through the fence (hackles up but no barking), I said “come” but needed to pull on the leash to get him to come all the way to me.

    • We did this a few times. Archer would come on command but not sit or make eye contact. Then, he became completely disinterested in the other dogs.

  • I decided to focus on leash manners to get his attention back on me. He did awesome!

  • We ended there since Archer didn’t seem like himself in training today. That’s okay, we’ll pick up right where we left off next time!

Dog Training Session 24

  • We had a great session today! Archer was his wiggly butt, tail wagging, hard working self!

  • We went straight to the outside potty pens to work on reactivity.

    • He only reacted to one dog through the fence who was already fence fighting. He barked once with his hackles up, looked at me, then I said “come” and he ran to me without any reinforcement with the leash. Yay!

    • We walked back and forth past the same dog who was still barking at Archer with Archer walking at my side, making eye contact the whole time. I was the focus of Archer’s attention, not the other dogs. Exactly what we want!

  • Then, I took Archer to the lobby to test his leash walking, eye contact and recall. He was spot on even with distractions!

  • How’s it going at home? Please let us know if there are any issues or if you have any questions or concerns.

Dog Training Session 25

  • Archer had a wonderful training day! I love working with Archer!

  • We worked on his leash reactivity and Archer did amazing! He kept his eyes on me and did not react to the dogs barking at him through the fence. There were only 3 fairly fence aggressive dogs that were barking at Archer as we walked around the potty pens. You could tell Archer was doing his best to focus only on me even though he really wanted to yell back at the other dogs.

    • We worked on this with him wearing the gentle leader first, then removed the gentle leader and walked him on his harness. He did great with both!

    • I was so impressed with him even though I don’t get to work with him often. Archer was very adjusted and focused on me.

Dog Training Session 26

  • Archer was absolutely awesome today!

  • We worked on him coming when distracted by other dogs and people through the fence.

    • Archer was completely off leash, no harness, no gentle leader.

    • He came 100% of the time at a rapid pace.

Dog Training Session 27

  • With the gentle leader on, we practiced leash manners in the lobby. Archer was perfect! I said look around strangers, dogs and the treat display and Archer stayed focus on me 100% of the time.

  • Archer did just as well without treats as he did with them!

  • We practiced recall outside by the potty pens. He was completely off leash.

Dog Training Session 28

Another wonderful training day for Archer!

  • We practiced recall outside with fence aggressive/reactive dogs around

    • We did this with only his collar on, he recalled 60% of the time with treats present

    • With his harness on he recalled 80% of the time

      • Archer did react to 2 dogs wearing the harness

    • Wearing his gentle leader, he recalled 90% of the time

    • This was with and without treats present and no leash attached

    • Archer recalled every time with the leash attached