• Hi, my name’s Alpha!

  • I love playing fetch and squeaking the ball!

  • I’ve been stay at Club Pet Resorts for a while now, but have just started dog training.

  • My dad wants me to learn how to play dead!

  • I also have a tendency to bark at other dogs when I’m excited. The Club Pet Academy is teaching me to ignore my urges and focus on my handler (who gives me tasty treats!).


Alpha's Dog Training

Alpha’s Photos and Videos

Dog Training Log

Dog Training Session 1

  • Alpha did absolutely fantastic today.

  • He progressed significantly faster than I had expected, so we will likely begin working on his leash reactivity soon.

  • We started by working on a down stay with Alpha. He is very familiar with this.

  • Next we worked on Alpha rolling on his side while laying.

    • To do this, gradually draw a treat from Alpha’s nose to his hip.

  • Alpha also learned the word “alive” for his release command from the down position.

Dog Training Session 2

  • Alpha did awesome again today!

  • We worked on him holding still while on his side.

  • We also started adding the word “bang” to when he lays his head to the side.

  • Finally, we removed treats for the “alive” release command. He caught onto this very quickly.

  • For fun, we also worked on a release command for the ball, out. He enjoyed playing fetch for little breaks during his sessions.

Dog Training Session 3

  • Alpha did really well today.

  • We focused on prolonging his stay when he was on his side. This was difficult for him, but he really enjoyed it.

    • He is at the point where you can stand up straight and take a half step away.

  • He was also able to almost automatically roll to his side when he laid down. This is what we are looking for!

  • Finally, we worked on his head placement. Making him lay it fully on the ground by holding the treat past his head, so he would have to look up at it (laterally) while laying down.

Dog Training Session 4

  • Today we focused on teaching Look and leash manners

  • Alpha is really smart going to pick up on it quickly.

    • Right now Alpha will look 90% of the time with treats present

  • Alpha pulled a lot and likes to jump when on leash

    • A gentle leader may be a good option if this continues as he progresses.

Dog Training Session 5

  • We had a great time training today!

  • We worked on look, again.

    • With treats present, Alpha was looking 90% of the time

    • Without treats present, Alpha was looking 80% of the time!

  • We continued working on his leash manners as well

    • Beginning in a low distraction area, he pulled a lot in the beginning of both session, but with a few “whoops’” I was able to regain his attention.

      • Every time he would pull, I’d say “whoops” and change direction. When he followed, I rewarded him with verbal and treat reinforcement.

    • He did a lot less jumping on the leash today as well!

    • While walking, I would ask Alpha  to look and he did 50% of the when asked.

      • This is really good for his 2nd leash manners session.

  • We will begin to add more distraction as he progresses

Dog Training Session 6

  • We had a great session!

  • We spent about 10 minutes on play dead. He now lays on the floor while I’m one step away until I say “alive” every time.

  • He looked 100% with treats and 90% of without treats.

  • I made sure not to let him out of his room until he was waiting calmly.

Then, we practiced leash manners. In the Club Pet Resort’s Penthouse Hallway.

  • Right out of his room he started biting the leash and jumping. I just started walking, gently pulling on the leash and rewarded when he started walking with me.

  • He definitely pulls at first but it only took me about a minute or two and a few circles to get him focused and walking at my side.

  • He looked 70% of the time when walking! He doesn’t hold it for more than a second yet though.

  • I started adding in a heel command when I turned away from him because I feel like Alpha needs a “job” while walking on top of eye contact.

Dog Training Session 7

  • We had a good first session of play dead but I think by the second session, he was over it. He was more interested in playing with his ball and I struggled to get him to down.

  • Overall, play dead looks great! I worked on keeping his head flat on the ground when “dead”. I rewarded when his head was on the ground and slowly tried to stand up straight without him lifting his head.

  • His leash manners were great! He understands heel and whenever I turn and say it, he follows.

  • We focused heavily on look, stationary and walking. He looks 100% of the time but needs practice with duration.

Dog Training Session 8

  • During today’s session we introduced the Gentle Leader (GL), we sized it, practiced putting it on and taking it off

  • Alpha did great for this! He wore it for 2 minutes straight without pawing!

  • Tonight I will feed him dinner wearing the GL to develop a positive association with it.

  • We continued working on Alpha's look

    • With treats present and bringing my hand up to my face he looked 100% of the time

    • With no treats present and bringing my hand to my face, he looked about 90% of the time.

  • Alpha got very distracted with his toys in the suite so we had to remove them in order to continue training

  • During our 2nd session we continued putting the GL on and taking it off

  • Again, he did great for this wearing it for about 2 min without pawing

  • We added the weight of the leash and he walked 12 steps without pawing!

  • I fed Alpha with the GL on, he pawed at it for the first 3 seconds or so before he started eating. Once he was eating he could care less about wearing it!

Dog Training Session 9

  • Alpha did well today.

  • We started by working on play dead. He has a good grasp on what he is supposed to do. He now automatically rolls to his side when he goes into down. He needs rewards at every phase on play dead (sit, down, roll) to stay motivated.

    • He is still struggling to place his head on the floor, but lots of repetition will be key to making him play dead perfectly!

  • We then put the GL on to go for a walk. Throughout our 30 minute session, he probably pawed at it 5 times for about 30 seconds a piece, then forgot it was there.

  • We walked around in the Penthouse hallway continuing to work on eye contact and loose leash walking. He had a loose leash about 70% of the time and eye contact about 30%.

  • We then moved outside. He had very good loose leash walking at about 85% outside and eye contact about 50%.

  • Alpha was able to see a dog and be redirected very quickly. He stayed calm throughout and was able to make eye contact over and over while the dogs passed about 20 feet away.

  • We then went into the lobby and worked on his loose leash manners and eye contact with several people present.

    • He was at about 40% loose leash and 50% eye contact.

  • He waited very nicely at the door to go back outside.

Dog Training Session 10

  • Alpha did fantastic today.

  • We worked on his loose leash walking on the gentle leader and play dead both inside in the lobby and outside on the front green.

  • Alpha had a loose leash about 85% of the time and eyes on me, while walking, about 50%.

  • He did not paw at the GL at all.

  • In the grass, he enjoyed rolling all the way onto his back and freezing for play dead.

    • The command is really clicking. He still needs you to give him the sit command, then say “bang”. He went into the play dead position 30% of the time without guidance (luring).

  • When we were in the lobby, he was able to be redirected from 2 dogs very smoothly.

    • To do this, I drew a treat in front of his nose, therefore pulling his attention away from the stimuli and onto me.

    • He was also able to accomplish this smoothly in the Penthouse hallway with 2 dogs barking at him very aggressively.

      • This was more difficult for him to ignore, so we took a few steps away performed the eye contact command and walked right passed without any further reactivity.

Dog Training Session 11

  • Alpha is really progressing!

  • He had zero reactivity today! He had mild bouts of curiosity but was easily able to be redirected.

  • He performed eye contact every time I drew a treat to my eyes. We still need to work on switching hands.

    • He kind of understands the association between the word and action.

      • He looked 30% of the time with just the command.

  • He did not paw at the GL at all today.

  • We walked through our rotation pins and worked on eye contact around the dogs barking at him. He did fantastic. He would only occasionally become over excited by another dog, but never reacted.

  • He completely ignored a Great Dane walking past him. And performed look easily with a herd of dogs being walked by him.

    • His comfort zone has grown. He seems confident at look about 10 feet away from other dogs.

  • We worked on play dead in the grass out front. He is really enjoying practicing it out there.

    • He consistently fell to his side with the bang command from the sit position.

Dog Training Session 12

  • Alpha was fantastic again!

  • He once again had zero reactivity. We worked in the lobby where there were two small dogs and four people present.

    • He was able to perform the look command perfectly when he could not view the other dogs. He was around a corner about 10 steps away from the other dog.

    • We then moved so Alpha could view the dogs from 20 feet away. He was still able to perform the look command perfectly 100% of the time.

    • We moved to 10 feet away where he was able to view both dogs and people. Here he prepared to bark, performed some heavy breathing as a warning. When I heard this, I quickly redirected his attention with the look.

    • He did not bark once! He also did not pull towards either dog.

  • Alpha is really nailing the play dead command.

    • He consistently fell to his side with the bang command from the sit position.

      • He is getting into position faster and faster!

Dog Training Session 13

  • Alpha is really progressing.

  • He had a lot of energy to start, so we went for a 10 minute walk to get him focused.

    • We worked on his loose leash manners and eye contact during this.

      • He walked with a loose leash the entire walk and eyes up about 80%.

  • We worked on his leash reactivity in the lobby. He was able to gradually walk closer and closer to a small white dog that was whining at him with minimal need for redirection.

  • His hips seemed to be bothering him a bit today, so we only touched on play dead since he has to roll on them.

    • This will keep it fresh in his mind, but keep his body content.

Dog Training Session 14

  • Alpha did well today. He seemed a little tired.

  • We worked on his eye contact and leash manners outside, as well as play dead.

    • He is doing fantastic at these!

    • We worked out front, as well as, throughout the rotation/potty pins out back.

  • We walked passed another dog in motion in the hallway and Alpha did fully react. He was not able to be redirected.

    • This was expected. It was too tight of a space and we had not worked that close to a dog before.

      • He did perform the look command immediately after the dog passed, which is a step in the right direction.

  • We then walked throughout the boarding hallways where several dogs were barking at him.

    • He did great and was able to be redirected every time he went to react. For the most part, he ignored the other dogs. He only reacted to dogs that were pounding against their doors or barking at the small slats with open space at the bottom of the suite.

      • I think he would have been flawless if we had not run into the dog in the hallway that was reacting towards him.

Dog Training Session 15

  • Alpha did very well today.

  • We focused on his play dead in the grass outside.

    • He nailed it a couple times to where all he needed was the sit command, then bang and he fell over.

  • He reacted to a small dog outside today but was easily redirected.

  • He did not react towards any of the large dogs he saw.