Parker Resort

Club Pet Resorts - Parker, COClub Pet Parker is located on 25 acres in the country.  The facility has been owned and operated by the same family for 24 years. Some of the management and staff have been associated with the facility for over 15 years.  The country setting and the experienced staff create a safe, healthy and caring environment.  Please stop by to tour the facility and meet our great staff anytime Monday through Friday 6:30 AM – 7:00 PM, Saturday and Sunday from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM.  We are closed on all major holidays.

Management lives on the property to ensure the safety of your pets. 

Dog Boarding

Parker Dog BoardingBoarding at Club Pet Parker offers a unique boarding experience with large indoor and indoor/outdoor suites.   All dogs get individual exercise to the outdoor yards 3 times a day, cot bed, blanket, Kong toy, food and TLC.  Create your dogs own vacation package by adding on daily activities.  Long leisurely country field walks around our 25 acres are great for dogs that enjoy one on one time with the staff. For the social dog that loves happy hour we offer group play in our large outdoor pens with pools and clubhouses.    


Parker Dog GroomingOur two groomers combined have over 30 years of experience.  Call ahead for an appointment as their professional and unique talents are in demand.  If your dog is boarding with us you are guaranteed an appointment for a groom, bath or pedicure.

Doggie Daycare

All dogs love to play.  After an evaluation your dog can join our play groups and enjoy our large pens with club houses and pools. Everything we offer at Club Pet Resorts in Parker comes from our 24 years experience and professional staff.    

Cat Boarding  

Our cat condos are the biggest in Colorado.  The condos are from floor to ceiling and 3 feet wide. All cats visit the sunny cat playroom with country views for exercise and people watching. We have the largest cat facility in Colorado.  Our cat condos are 2 levels reaching from ceiling to floor and are 3 feet wide.  Condos with country views upon request if available. We provide blankets/beds and lots of cuddle time and attention.

Hours of Operation:

Monday through Friday 6:30AM to 7:00 PM
Saturday & Sunday 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM


Overnight Boarding     $23.00/day

Outdoor morning/afternoon play
Indoor or Outdoor/active kennel run
Cot bed or blanket
Online viewing
Kong toy

Add Ons: 
Afternoon group play - 6$ per day per dog
Country field walk (20 minutes ) - $10 per day per dog

Elite Overnight Boarding     $52.00/day first dog  ($39.50 second dog)

Dimensions: 20x4 

Private indoor run
Individual play
Grass yards
Group play
Country Field walk
Evening play
Cot bed and blankets
Online viewing
Food and special treats
Bath at the end of stay

Daycare - Full day $23.00/dog

Daycare - ½ day (less than 6 hours)  $12.00/dog

2 playgroups
Kong treats
Country field walk
Meals (if requested)
*Must be spayed/neutered and evaluated* 

Add on/A la carte Activities and Treats

Group Play (30 min- 1hour $6
Country field walk (2nd dog 1/2 price) $10
Play all day $12
Evening play $6
Cuddle time $8
Peanut butter Kong $2
Homemade frosty paw ice cream $2
Homemade Meals $5



Overnight Boarding     $13/day

Multi level condo
Sunroom time   

Add on/A la Carte items

Indoor/ outdoor access $5
Crazy catnip $2
Cuddle time (20 minutes) $8
Tuna dinners $2

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Club Pet Resorts in Parker, CO


"This beautiful facility is unlike any other dog kennel in Denver.  They have a very large indoor play area as well as a huge yard w/ great pool outside. "
C. Ferando
"I took my dog here for daycare yesterday and she came home so exhausted she didn't move off the couch all night. Epic win! The facility is spotless and the staff are great!"
Amy H.
"Club Pet Resorts is honestly the best pet care facility in the state!  The Aurora location is beautiful and the staff is wonderful.  My dog loves going for daycare and boarding, its like a pet vacation."
N. Hantge
"It's a great place, and the folks who run it obviously enjoy their jobs and really know how to take care of our furry friends."
John B.